International Paper
International Paper Company is an American pulp and paper company
Pulp and paper industry
The global pulp and paper industry is dominated by North American , northern European and East Asian countries...

, the largest such company in the world. It has approximately 59,500 employees, and it is headquartered in Memphis
Memphis, Tennessee
Memphis is a city in the southwestern corner of the U.S. state of Tennessee, and the county seat of Shelby County. The city is located on the 4th Chickasaw Bluff, south of the confluence of the Wolf and Mississippi rivers....

, Tennessee
Tennessee is a U.S. state located in the Southeastern United States. It has a population of 6,346,105, making it the nation's 17th-largest state by population, and covers , making it the 36th-largest by total land area...

International Paper was incorporated January 31, 1898 upon the merger of 18 pulp and paper mills in the northeastern United States. Its first president was Hugh J. Chisholm
Hugh J. Chisholm
Hugh Joseph Chisholm was a Canadian industrialist who later became a citizen of the United States. He was born in Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario, to parents of Scottish ancestry. His early years as an entrepreneur in the news distribution business provided a foundation for his later accomplishments...

. The first paper (newsprint) mill in the United States, at Corinth, New York
Corinth, New York
Corinth is the name of three places in the state of New York:*Corinth , New York, a town*Corinth , New York, located in the Town of Corinth...

 where the Sacandaga
Sacandaga may refer to:In New York:*Sacandaga River, a tributary of the Hudson River*Great Sacandaga Lake, formerly the Sacandaga Reservoir, in the Adirondack State ParkShips:, also known as the Sacandaga...

 river joins the Hudson river
Hudson River
The Hudson is a river that flows from north to south through eastern New York. The highest official source is at Lake Tear of the Clouds, on the slopes of Mount Marcy in the Adirondack Mountains. The river itself officially begins in Henderson Lake in Newcomb, New York...

, and built by International Paper's founder Albrecht Pagenstecher, in 1869, {see History of Papermaking in New York
History of Papermaking in New York
This article recounts key aspects in the history of papermaking in New York state.The first invention to revolutionize paper making was the fourdrinier machine invented back in 1799, in France, by Nicholas Louis Robert and perfected by Henry and Sealey Fourdrinier. The second invention was the...

} is to be demolished in 2011.