Institute of Group Analysis
The Institute of Group Analysis is a training organisation for group psychotherapists in the analytical tradition, based on the groundwork begun by S. H. Foulkes
S. H. Foulkes
Siegfried Heinrich Foulkes , born Siegfried Heinrich Fuchs in Karlsruhe, Germany, was the founder of Group Analysis, a specific form of group therapy, and the Group Analytic Society, London, which has an international membership in many countries....

 in forming the body of theory and practice now known as Group Analysis
Group Analysis
Group analysis is a method of group psychotherapy originated by S. H. Foulkes in the 1940s. Group work was perhaps born of the need to deal economically and efficiently with a large body of returning soldiers with shared problems, but it soon developed into a much broader form in which individuals...


History and Background

The Group Analytic Society
Group Analytic Society
The Group-Analytic Society was founded in 1952 by S. H. Foulkes, Jane Abercrombie and Norbert Elias as a learned society to study and promote the development of Group Analysis in both its clinical and applied aspects. The first regular weekly seminars were given by Foulkes in 1952...

(London) was formed by Foulkes and others in 1952, and with a much expanded membership, now functions as an international scientific body. The tasks of training and qualification were delegated to the Institute of Group Analysis (London), which was formed in 1971. The Institute has been actively involved in establishing training programmes in Europe, where there are an increasing number of independent Institutes of Group Analysis and also in the UK. Some of these Institutes and training bodies are listed below.

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