Inglis Island
Inglis Island is the largest of a group called The English Company's Islands, Northern Territory
Northern Territory
The Northern Territory is a federal territory of Australia, occupying much of the centre of the mainland continent, as well as the central northern regions...

, Australia. It is 23.4 km long and up to 7 km wide. Its area is 83.5 km², and it reaches a height of 70 meters. The distance to the mainland south of it is 2.5 km at the closest place, across Nalwarung Strait, which is the southwestern continuation of Malay Road.

The only settlements are two small family outstations
Historically, an outstation was a subsidiary homestead or other dwelling, on Australian sheep or cattle stations which were large enough to have more than a day's travel between different parts of the property....

, Gonguruwuy in the west and Wurwula on the eastern tip of the island.

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