Ingegerd of Norway
Ingegerd Haraldsdotter of Norway (1046–1120) was a medieval Scandinavian Queen, Princess of Norway and the Queen consort of first King Olaf I of Denmark
Olaf I of Denmark
Olaf I of Denmark was king of Denmark from 1086 to 1095, following the death of his brother Canute IV the Holy. He was a son of king Sweyn II Estridsson, and the third of Sweyn's sons to rule. He married Ingegard, the daughter of Harald III of Norway, but did not have any children...

 (died 1095) and second to King Philip of Sweden
Philip of Sweden
Philip was King of Sweden 1105–1118, a son of King Halsten Stenkilsson.Philip and his brother Inge the Younger ruled together from 1105 or 1110 and onwards as successors of their uncle Inge the Elder. According to the Westrogothic law he was a good king. Little else is known about him...

 (died 1118).


Ingegerd Haraldsdotter was born daughter of King Harald Hardråde of Norway and Elisiv of Kiev
Elisiv of Kiev
Elisaveta Yaroslavna of Kiev , , was a Rus' Princess of Kiev and a Norwegian queen, wife and queen consort of king Harald III of Norway.-Biography:...

 and thereby great granddaughter of King Olof Skötkonung of Sweden. She was first married to Prince Olof of Denmark. She was married to Olof in ca 1067 in a marriage arranged as a part of the peace treaty between Denmark and Norway; to further strengthen the alliance, Olof's half-sister, Ingerid of Denmark
Ingerid of Denmark
Ingerid Swendsdatter of Denmark also called Ingrid, was a Danish princess and a Norwegian Queen consort, spouse of King Olaf III of Norway.Ingerid Swensdatter was the daughter of King Sweyn II of Denmark...

, married King Olav Kyrre, who was the brother of Queen Ingegerd.
Ingegerd became queen of Denmark when Olof became King in 1086.

After his death in 1095, the Queen Dowager travelled to Sweden, were she married Prince Philip of Sweden in 1095 or 1096. Her spouse became king in 1105, making her queen a second time. There is no known issue from the second marriage. She was widowed in 1120. The years of her birth and death are not confirmed, but she is known to have survived her second spouse.

Family and children

First married to King Olof of Denmark, children:
  • Princess Ulvhild of Denmark.

Second married to King Philip of Sweden, no known issue.



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