Infinitas Learning
Infinitas Learning is a Dutch educational publishing company. It was formed from Bridgepoint Capital
Bridgepoint Capital
Bridgepoint is a UK-based private equity investor in companies valued up to €1 billion, including Pets at Home and Pret A Manger in the UK, Dorna in Spain, and Alain Afflelou in France.-History:...

's purchase of the educational division of Wolters Kluwer
Wolters Kluwer
Wolters Kluwer N.V. is a global information services and publishing company. The company provides products and services for professionals in the health, tax, accounting, corporate, financial services, legal and regulatory sectors...



  • Nelson Thornes
    Nelson Thornes
    Nelson Thornes is a publishing firm located in Cheltenham, Great Britain.Started in 1968, as Stanley Thornes, the company began primarily publishing English textbooks for students before branching out into other areas of education. In 2001 Stanley Thornes through its parent company Wolters Kluwer...

  • Noordhoff Uitgevers (Netherlands)
  • Liber (Sweden)
  • Plantyn (Belgium)
  • Bildungsverlag (Germany)
  • Jugend & Volk (Austria)
  • Muszaki Kiadó (Hungary)
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