Index on Censorship
Index on Censorship is a campaigning publishing organisation for freedom of expression, which produces an award-winning quarterly magazine of the same name from London. The present chief executive of Index on Censorship, since 2008, is the author, broadcaster and commentator John Kampfner
John Kampfner
John Paul Kampfner is a British journalist who was editor of the weekly political magazine the New Statesman between 2005 and 2008...

, former editor of the UK political weekly New Statesman
New Statesman
New Statesman is a British centre-left political and cultural magazine published weekly in London. Founded in 1913, and connected with leading members of the Fabian Society, the magazine reached a circulation peak in the late 1960s....

. The present editor of the magazine, since 2007, is former BBC radio journalist Jo Glanville.

It is directed by the non-profit-making Writers and Scholars International, Ltd.