Imago Scientific Instruments
Imago Scientific Instruments is a company founded in 1999 by Dr. Tom Kelly. At that time Tom Kelly was the Director of the Materials Science Center at the University of Wisconsin–Madison, but left his tenured position in 2001 to guide the company's growth. Imago commercialized the Local Electrode Atom Probe (LEAP), providing a new type of atom probe
Atom probe
The atom probe is a microscope used in material science that was invented in 1967 by Erwin Wilhelm Müller, J. A. Panitz, and S. Brooks McLane. The atom probe is closely related to the method of Field Ion Microscopy, which is the first microscopic method to achieve atomic resolution, occurring in...

 microscope which is literally orders of magnitude faster in many performance criteria than any other recently delivered atom probe microscope. Imago (name comes from the Latin word for image or picture) has not only improved the instrumentation available for atom probe tomography, but has also developed many sample preparation techniques that are key enablers for the 3D sub-nanometer compositional information that the microscope provides. In April 2010 Imago was purchased by Ametek [AME-NYSE], which is also the parent of CAMECA
Cameca is a manufacturer of scientific instruments, namely material analysis instruments based on Charged particle beam , ions or electrons- History :...

. The company was merged with CAMECA as part of AMETEK's Materials Analysis Division.

Imago was in the process of liquidation in mid November of 2011.

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