The abbreviation IJN may refer to:
  • International Justice Network
    International Justice Network
    The International Justice Network is a non-profit organization dedicated to protection of human rights and the rule of law throughout the world...

     or IJNetwork, a Human Rights Organization
  • Imperial Japanese Navy
    Imperial Japanese Navy
    The Imperial Japanese Navy was the navy of the Empire of Japan from 1869 until 1947, when it was dissolved following Japan's constitutional renunciation of the use of force as a means of settling international disputes...

    , the navy of Japan from 1868 until it was dissolved in 1947
  • Institut Jean Nicod
    Institut Jean Nicod
    The Institut Jean Nicod is a CNRS research center based in Paris, France. Founded in 2000, its name commemorates the French philosopher and logician Jean Nicod...

    , a French interdisciplinary research center
  • Institut Jantung Negara
    Institut Jantung Negara
    National Heart Institute of Malaysia , is Malaysia’s premier heart centre. Established in September 1992, IJN provides cardiology and cardiothoracic surgery services for both adult and paediatric cases...

    , National Heart Institute in Malaysia
  • Intermountain Jewish News
    Intermountain Jewish News
    The Intermountain Jewish News is a weekly newspaper serving the Denver-Boulder communities and the greater Rocky Mountain Jewish community ....

    , an international weekly newspaper publication located in Denver, Colorado
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