IBC is an initialism that can stand for:
  • IBC Root Beer
    IBC Root Beer
    The Independent Breweries Company was a syndicate founded in St. Louis, Missouri by the combination of Griesediecks' National Brewery, Columbia , the Gast brewery in Baden, A.B.C., and Wagner Brewing Company. This combination was ill fated due to high overhead with too many executives and low...

  • Impedance Boundary Condition
  • Independence Blue Cross
    Independence Blue Cross
    Independence Blue Cross is a health insurer based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in the United States. Together with its subsidiaries, IBC is one of the largest health insurers in the five-county southeastern Pennsylvania area of Bucks, Chester, Delaware, Montgomery, and Philadelphia counties. IBC...

  • Índice Bursátil Caracas, a stock market index of the Caracas Stock Exchange
    Caracas Stock Exchange
    The Caracas Stock Exchange or Bolsa de Valores de Caracas is a stock exchange located in Caracas, Venezuela. Originally established in 1947, BVC merged with a competitor in 1974 to become the only securities exchange operating in Venezuela....

  • Inflammatory Breast Cancer
    Inflammatory breast cancer
    Inflammatory breast cancer is an especially aggressive type of breast cancer that can occur in women of any age .It is called inflammatory because it frequently presents with symptoms resembling an inflammation...

  • Institute of Business Consulting
    Institute of Business Consulting
    The Institute of Consulting ) is the professional body for consultants and business advisers in the United Kingdom. It replaced the former Institute of Business Consulting in January 2011. It's history and background is an amalgam and extension of two predecessor bodies; the Institute of...

  • Intercontinental Broadcasting Corporation
    Intercontinental Broadcasting Corporation
    Intercontinental Broadcasting Corporation is a Philippine VHF television network of the Government Communications Group headed by the Press Secretary. Its studios are located at Broadcast City, Old Balara, Capitol Hills, Diliman, Quezon City and its transmitter is located at the Coca Cola plant,...

    , Channel 13, Philippines
  • Intermediate Bulk Container
    Intermediate bulk container
    An Intermediate bulk container is a container used for transport and storage of fluids and bulk materials. The construction of the IBC container and the materials used are chosen depending on the application, i.e...

  • International Bank of Commerce
    International Bank of Commerce
    International Bank of Commerce is a state chartered bank owned by International Bancshares Corporation headquartered in Laredo, Texas . It is one of the largest banks based in Texas, and is the 90th largest U.S. bank by asset size. In addition, IBC is the largest minority-owned bank in the United...

     of Laredo, Texas, USA
  • International Baptist Church
    International Baptist Church
    International Baptist Church is a baptist church located along Kings Road in Singapore. It is one of the most international churches in the country.- Vision :IBC is a Christ-centered, Bible-believing fellowship of Evangelical Christians....

    , a Baptist church in Singapore
  • International Biographical Centre
    International Biographical Centre
    The International Biographical Centre is a publisher owned by Melrose Press Ltd that specializes in producing biographical publications, such as the Dictionary of International Biography and other awards. It is based in Ely, Cambridgeshire in the United Kingdom...

  • International Botanical Congress
    International Botanical Congress
    International Botanical Congress is a large-scale meeting of botanists in all scientific fields, from all over the world. Authorized by the International Association of Botanical and Mycological Societies , congresses are held every six years with the venue circulating around the world. The XVIII...

  • International Boundary Commission
  • International Boxing Club of New York
    International Boxing Club of New York
    The International Boxing Club of New York was a corporation formed by James D. Norris and Arthur M. Wirtz in 1949 to promote boxing bouts at Madison Square Garden, Polo Grounds, Yankee Stadium, St...

  • International Boxing Council
    International Boxing Council
    The International Boxing Council is a boxing organization. The IBC titles are often the beginning for professional boxers who progress to high prestigious titles....

  • International Broadcast Centre
    International Broadcast Centre
    The International Broadcast Centre is a temporary hub for broadcasters during major sport events.-FIFA World Cup:During the 2006 FIFA World Cup, in Germany, the IBC in Munich was host to journalists from around 190 countries. The centre was based at the Munich Fair, in what was formally Munich...

  • International Broadcasting Company / IBC Studios
    IBC Studios
    The IBC Recording Studios were recording studios in 35 Portland Place, London, England. After the Second World War it was the address of the leading independent studio in London and the British Isles...

    , London, England
  • International Broadcasting Convention
    International Broadcasting Convention
    The International Broadcasting Convention, more commonly known by its acronym IBC, is an annual trade show for broadcasters, content creators/providers, equipment manufacturers, professional and technical associations, and other participants in the Broadcasting industry...

  • International Buddhist College
    International Buddhist College
    International Buddhist College or IBC is an inter-sectarian Buddhist higher education institute in Sadao District, Songkhla Province, Thailand....

    , Songkhla, Thailand
  • International Building Code
    International Building Code
    The International Building Code is a model building code developed by the International Code Council . It has been adopted throughout most of the United States.-History:...

  • International Business Center is a supertall cluster in the Central AD of Moscow, Russia. It is the main center of the Big City project.
  • International business company
    International business company
    An international business company or international business corporation is an offshore company formed under the laws of some jurisdictions as untaxed company which is not permitted to engage in business within the jurisdiction in which it is incorporated...

  • International Old Catholic Bishops' Conference
    International Old Catholic Bishops' Conference
    The International Old Catholic Bishops' Conference or International Bishops' Conference of the Union of Utrecht is the convocation of bishops in the Old Catholic Churches of Europe that are in communion with the Archbishop of Utrecht. It is similar to the Lambeth Conference in the Union's sister...

  • Interstate Bakeries Corporation
    Interstate Bakeries Corporation
    Hostess Brands, Inc. is the largest wholesale baker and distributor of fresh bakery products in the United States, and is the owner of the Hostess, Wonder Bread, Nature's Pride, Dolly Madison, Butternut Breads, and Drake's brands. For many years it was based at 12 East Armour Boulevard, Kansas...

  • Intracellular Bacterial Communities
  • Inuit Broadcasting Corporation
    Inuit Broadcasting Corporation
    The Inuit Broadcasting Corporation is a television broadcasting company based in Nunavut. Its programming is targeted at the Inuit population of Nunavut and almost all of its programs are broadcast in Inuktitut. Select programs are also broadcast in English. In contrast with traditional...

  • Iraq Body Count
    Iraq Body Count project
    Iraq Body Count project is a web-based effort to record civilian deaths resulting from the US-led 2003 invasion of Iraq. Included are deaths attributable to coalition and insurgent military action, sectarian violence and criminal violence, which refers to excess civilian deaths caused by criminal...

  • Iran Bioinformatics Center
    Iran Bioinformatics Center
    Iran Bioinformatics Center is the only academic center in Iran working on Bioinformatics. Although there are some independent research groups such as Bioinformatics and Biomathematics Unit in Mazandaran University of Medical Sciences working on Bioinformatics but IBC is a part of Institute of...

  • Iron-binding capacity
  • Iwate Broadcasting Company
    Iwate Broadcasting Company
    , also known as IBC, is a Japanese broadcast network affiliated with the Japan News Network . Their headquarters are located in Iwate Prefecture.- Network :* TV: JNN* RADIO: JRN, NRN- Rival Stations :*Television Iwate...

  • Ishtar TV
    Ishtar TV
    Ishtar TV is an Assyrian Chaldean Syriac broadcasting channel which has its headquarters in Ankawa, Iraq. It was established by Sarkis Aghajan and was led by George Mansour, who was Ishtar TV's first General Manager, in 2005. The language broadcasts mostly in Syriac, but Arabic and Kurdish are...

  • Interdigitated Back Contact is a method of putting the emitter contacts on the back surface of a solar cell to reduce the power losses due to shading which occur when the silver lines are printed on the front surface.

Educational Institutions

  • Indiana Bible College
    Indiana Bible College
    Indiana Bible College is a Bible college endorsed by the United Pentecostal Church International . It was originally founded in 1981 by Rev. Dennis Croucher of Seymour, Indiana, before relocating to Indianapolis in 1988 under the direction and sponsorship of Rev. Paul D. Mooney and of...

  • International Baptist College
    International Baptist College
    International Baptist College is an Independent Fundamental Baptist Bible college and graduate school in Chandler, Arizona, offering graduate and undergraduate degrees in pastoral ministry, missions, music ministry and Christian education...

  • Irish Baptist College
    Irish Baptist College
    The Irish Baptist College is a college, a department of the Association of Baptist Churches in Ireland and a Queen's University Belfast centre. It is part of the Baptist Theological Centre which is located in the Baptist Centre and is shared with ABC...

  • Isaac Breuer College
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