Hyperpolarization has several meanings:
  • Hyperpolarization (biology)
    Hyperpolarization (biology)
    Hyperpolarization is a change in a cell's membrane potential that makes it more negative. It is the opposite of a depolarization.Hyperpolarization is often caused by efflux of K+ through K+ channels, or influx of Cl– through Cl– channels. On the other hand, influx of cations, e.g...

     occurs when the strength of the electric field across the width of a cell membrane increases
  • Hyperpolarization (physics)
    Hyperpolarization (physics)
    Hyperpolarization is the nuclear spin polarization of a material far beyond thermal equilibrium conditions. It is commonly applied to gases such as 129Xe and 3He which are then used, for instance, in hyperpolarized magnetic resonance imaging of the lungs....

    is the selective polarization of nuclear spin in atoms far beyond normal thermal equilibrium
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