House of Osman
House of Osman was the name of the administrative structure of the Ottoman Dynasty
Ottoman Dynasty
The Ottoman Dynasty ruled the Ottoman Empire from 1299 to 1922, beginning with Osman I , though the dynasty was not proclaimed until Orhan Bey declared himself sultan...

, part of the state organization of the Ottoman Empire but nonetheless directly linked to the dynasty. The house had three distinct elements: servants (advisors, bookkeepers, bureaucrats) of the Sultan, who had more contact with the outside world, the Imperial Harem
Imperial Harem
The Imperial Harem of the Ottoman Empire was one of the most important elements of the Ottoman court. It was known in the West as "the Seraglio", an Italian term.- Harem quarters:...

, which was closed to outsiders but constituted a highly effective ruling system, with hundreds of female servants, and the Palace School
Palace school
The Palace school was part of the House of Osman's system, designated to educate the Ottoman Empire's governing elite. It consisted of two distinct branches. The Madrasa for the Muslims, which educated the scholars and the state officials in accordance with Islamic tradition...

, which educated and in a sense shaped the future policy-makers of the Empire.

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