Horacio Cambeiro
Horacio Cambeiro is an Argentine-born American journalist, a radio and television presentator.

He made most of his journalism career in 2001 in the United States
United States
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He graduated as a journalist in his hometown in the Faculty Humanities and Social Sciences at National of Misiones (UNaM), was educated in Ukraine and then perfected his English with communications in the U.S., inspired by his father Manuel, also a journalist.

Who worked on the television networks Telemundo and Univision (Las Vegas, Nevada) and ESPN radio Radio Radio 1460 AM and 1340 Las Vegas (Las Vegas, Nevada) and Romance 106.7 FM (Miami, Florida).

Currently working in a reputable production television network in English.

Emmy Awards

Horacio Cambeiro and Tony Cortes
Tony Cortes
Antonio de Jesus Cortez Espina is an actor in theater, film and television producer and host of controversial television shows residing in Miami, Florida, United States.-Career:...

 are nominated for two Emmy Awards on television as presenter/host in the categories "Best Historical Cultural Program News" Chapter "Robaina" and "Best News Program in Politics and Government" Chapter "Mariel" of the 2011 Emmy Awards Suncoast Chapter
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Sobre mis pasos

The nominations were a prize to documentary "Sobre mis Pasos", a serial -style reality show for the "Maria Elvira Live" Maria Elvira Salazar- aired in the national channel Mega TV (United States)
Mega TV (United States)
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and in which Tony tells the story of how he is finally allowed to enter Cuba after seven years of absence and not being able to even attend the funeral of his father in December 2009.

Cortes then takes the decision to return to embrace his aged mother, visiting the grave of his father and reconnect with all those things that are foreign: his people, his neighborhood and his friends.

This documentary series of 10 episodes of each lasting 10 minutes,shows the reality of Cuba, the feeling of its people, their daily life and the changes that are currently brewing in the heart of this people.

This show is produced by Burumba Entertainment Productions and Tony Cortes, director of photography Andres Torres, with the editing of George Maisto, Horacio Cambeiro Investigative Journalism Report, the music of singer Ariel Nan, and musical direction by Paul Mendoza.
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