Homer Scott
Homer Scott was a founding member of the A.S.C.
American Society of Cinematographers
The American Society of Cinematographers is an educational, cultural, and professional organization. It is not a labor union, and it is not a guild. Membership is by invitation and is extended only to directors of photography and special effects experts with distinguished credits in the film...

and was their president from 1925-1926.

Scott has proven to be one of the more elusive founders of the A.S.. He was apparently born in the state of New York circa 1883, but so far, the details of his birth and a record of his death have not been found. Before arriving in Hollywood Scott was a photographer active in the Mexican revolution. His work is in major collections including the Getty's and was included in an exhibition titled “Mexico: Photography and Revolution" in 2011 in Mexico City.

Scott’s earliest known credits are as cinematographer for actor Carlyle Blackwell’s Favorite Players Film Company in 1914. When Blackwell signed with the Jesse L. Lasky Feature Play Company in 1915, Scott followed, and he also worked with Lasky’s sister companies, Pallas Pictures and the Oliver Morosco Photoplay Company. In 1921, Scott photographed Molly-O, starring Mabel Normand, for Mack Sennett. Over the next two years, he shot all of Sennett’s feature projects, including The Crossroads of New York (1922), The Shriek of Araby (1923) and The Extra Girl (1923).

Scott was loaned to Warner Bros. to shoot The Little Church Around the Corner, and is said to have started shooting Warners’ The Marriage Circle for director Ernst Lubitsch before being replaced. He is known to have worked as a second cameraman for comedian Harold Lloyd, and he also did underwater work and other specialized cinematography.

Although Scott’s name appeared on the ASC roster for years, his name disappeared from the credits of feature films after 1923.

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