Hofen may mean:
  • Hofen, Switzerland
    Hofen, Switzerland
    Hofen was a municipality in the canton of Schaffhausen in Switzerland. On 1 January 2009 Hofen merged with Altdorf, SH, Bibern, SH, Opfertshofen and Thayngen to form the municipality of Thayngen.-Coat of arms:...

    , a municipality in the Canton of Schaffhausen
  • Höfen, Tyrol, in Austria
  • Hofen, a former community incorporated into modern Friedrichshafen
    This article is about a German town. For the Danish town, see Frederikshavn, and for the Finnish town, see Fredrikshamn .Friedrichshafen is a university city on the northern side of Lake Constance in Southern Germany, near the borders with Switzerland and Austria.It is the district capital of the...

    , Germany
  • Shahe fen
    Shahe fen
    Shahe fen or he fen is a type of wide Chinese noodle made from rice.-Names:While shahe fen and he fen are transliterations based on Mandarin, there are numerous other transliterations based on Cantonese, which include ho fen, hofen, ho-fen, ho fun, ho-fun, hofoen , hor fun, hor...

    or Héfěn (河粉, river vermicelli), a Chinese noodle dish similar to phở
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