Hitzig is the last name of:
  • Eduard Hitzig
    Eduard Hitzig
    Eduard Hitzig was a German neurologist and neuropsychiatrist born in Berlin.He studied medicine at the Universities of Berlin and Würzburg, and had as instructors, famous men such as Emil Du Bois-Reymond , Rudolf Virchow , Moritz Heinrich Romberg and Karl Friedrich Otto Westphal...

     (1838–1907), German brain scientist
  • Ferdinand Hitzig
    Ferdinand Hitzig
    ----Ferdinand Hitzig , was a German biblical critic.He was born at Hauingen , Baden, where his father was a pastor....

     (1807–1875), German Protestant theologian
  • Friedrich Hitzig
    Friedrich Hitzig
    Georg Friedrich Heinrich Hitzig was a German architect, born into the Jewish Itzig family, converted to Lutheranism. He was a student of Karl Friedrich Schinkel....

     (1811–1881), German Jewish architect
  • Julius Eduard Hitzig
    Julius Eduard Hitzig
    Julius Eduard Hitzig was a German author and civil servant.Born into the wealthy and influential Jewish Itzig family, he was between 1799 and 1806 a Prussian civil servant, became Criminal Counsel at the Berlin Supreme Court in 1815 and its director in 1825...

     (1780 - 1849), German jurist and publisher.
  • Warren Hitzig, Canadian doctor and leader of Hitzig vs Canada
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