Hipparchus, the common Latinization of the Greek Hipparkhos, can mean:
  • Hipparchus
    Hipparchus, the common Latinization of the Greek Hipparkhos, can mean:* Hipparchus, the ancient Greek astronomer** Hipparchic cycle, an astronomical cycle he created** Hipparchus , a lunar crater named in his honour...

    , the ancient Greek astronomer
    • Hipparchic cycle
      Hipparchic cycle
      The Greek astronomer Hipparchus introduced two cycles that have been named after him in later literature.The first is described in Ptolemy's Almagest IV.2...

      , an astronomical cycle he created
    • Hipparchus (lunar crater)
      Hipparchus (lunar crater)
      Hipparchus is the degraded remnant of a lunar crater. It is located to the southeast of Sinus Medii, near the center of the visible Moon. To the south is the prominent crater Albategnius, and to the southwest lies Ptolemaeus, a feature of comparable dimensions to Hipparchus. Horrocks lies entirely...

      , a lunar crater named in his honour
    • Hipparchus (Martian crater), a crater on Mars named in his honour
    • 4000 Hipparchus
      4000 Hipparchus
      4000 Hipparchus is a main-belt asteroid discovered on January 4, 1989 by Seiji Ueda and Hiroshi Kaneda at Kushiro.- External links :*...

      , an asteroid named in his honour
    • Hipparcos
      Hipparcos was a scientific mission of the European Space Agency , launched in 1989 and operated between 1989 and 1993. It was the first space experiment devoted to precision astrometry, the accurate measurement of the positions of celestial objects on the sky...

      , an astrometry space mission named in his honour
  • Hipparchus (cavalry officer), commander of one hipparchia
    • Epihipparch, commander of two hipparchiai
  • Hipparchus (son of Pisistratus)
    Hipparchus (son of Pisistratus)
    Hipparchus or Hipparch was a member of the ruling class of Athens. He was one of the sons of Peisistratos.Although he was said among Greeks to have been the tyrant of Athens along with his brother Hippias when Peisistratos died, about 528 BC...

    , an ancient Athenian tyrant
  • Hipparchus of Euboea
    Hipparchus of Euboea
    Hipparchus or Hipparch of Euboea was one of the warmest partisans of Philip of Macedon, who rewarded him for his zeal by appointing him, together with Automedon and Cleitarchus, to be rulers, or, as Demosthenes calls them, tyrants of Eretria, supported by a force of mercenary troops...

    , an ancient Euboean tyrant
  • Hipparchus (poet), an ancient Greek actor from Corinth
  • Hipparchus (dialogue)
    Hipparchus (dialogue)
    The Hipparchus or Hipparch is a dialogue attributed to the classical Greek philosopher and writer Plato. There is some debate as to the work's authenticity. Stylistically, the dialogue bears many similarities to the Minos...

    , a dialogue ascribed to Plato
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