Place names

  • Heyden Power Station
    Heyden Power Station
    Heyden power station is located near Petershagen in Germany. The current station was commissioned in 1987, but the site has been used for power generation since 1950. It is owned and operated by the German energy corporation E.ON....

    , nearby Petershagen
    Petershagen is a town in the Minden-Lübbecke district, in North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany.-Geography:Petershagen is situated on the river Weser, approx...

     in Germany

  • Heyden, Ontario
    Aweres, Ontario
    Aweres is a local services board in the Canadian province of Ontario. Located in the Algoma District, it encompasses and provides services to most of the geographic township of Aweres, including the communities of Island Lake and Heyden....

    , Canada

Family names

  • Carl von Heyden
    Carl von Heyden
    Carl Heinrich Georg von Heyden was a German Senator and entomologist. He collected insects in all Orders but was especially interested in Coleoptera, Microlepidoptera, Hymenoptera, Diptera and fossil insects.His collections are divided between the German Entomological Institute and the Senckenberg...

     (1793, Frankfurt - 1866), a German Senator and entomologist
  • Doris Heyden
    Doris Heyden
    Doris Heyden was a prominent scholar of pre-Columbian Mesoamerican cultures, particularly those of central Mexico. She was born in East Orange, New Jersey, United States...

     (1905–2005), a scholar of pre-Columbian Mesoamerican cultures
  • Felix von Heijden
    Felix von Heijden
    Herman Carel Felix Clotilde von Heijden was a football player from the Netherlands, who represented his home country at the 1920 Summer Olympics. There he won the bronze medal with the Netherlands national football team. Later he became the mayor of Rosmalen, Noord-Brabant -References:...

  • Frederick Heiden (1821–1900), governor-general of Finland
  • Karl von der Heyden
    Karl von der Heyden
    Karl von der Heyden was Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors of PepsiCo, Inc. from 1996 to 2001. He had rejoined the Company in September 1996 as Vice Chairman and Chief Financial Officer...

    , a Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors of PepsiCo, Inc.
  • Lucas Friedrich Julius Dominikus von Heyden
    Lucas Friedrich Julius Dominikus von Heyden
    Lucas Friedrich Julius Dominikus von Heyden was a German entomologist specialising in Coleoptera.He wrote with Edmund Reitter and Ján Weiss Catalogus coleopterorum Europae, Caucasi et Armeniae rossicae. Edn 2. Berlin, Paskau, Caen.-External links:*...

     (1838, Frankfurt - 1915, Frankfurt), a German entomologist

  • Van der Heyden
    Van der Heyden
    Van der Heyden is a surname of Dutch origin. The name refers to:* Jan van der Heyden , Dutch Baroque-era painter and inventor* Peter Van Der Heyden , Belgian professional football player...

    , surname of Dutch origin
    • Jan van der Heyden
      Jan van der Heyden
      Jan van der Heyden was a Dutch Baroque-era painter, draughtsman, printmaker, a mennonite and inventor who significantly contributed to contemporary firefighting. He improved the fire hose in 1672, with his brother Nicolaes, who was a hydraulic engineer...

       (1637, Gorinchem - 1712, Amsterdam), a Dutch Baroque-era painter, draughtsman
    • Stéphane Van Der Heyden (born 1969, St. Gillis-Waas), a Belgian football midfielder
    • Todd van der Heyden
      Todd van der Heyden
      Todd van der Heyden is a Canadian investigative television reporter and news anchor with CTV News in Montreal, Quebec.-Education:Van der Heyden earned a Bachelor's degree in journalism from Carleton University in Ottawa...

       (born 1973), Canadian investigative television reporter, news anchor
    • Peter Van Der Heyden
      Peter Van Der Heyden
      Peter Van Der Heyden is a Belgian footballer who currently plays for Beerschot AC.-Career:His former clubs include Eendracht Aalst, VfL Wolfsburg and FSV Mainz 05. His natural position is at left fullback...

       (born 1976, Aalst, Belgium), a Belgian football left fullback

  • Michel Heydens
    Michel Heydens
    Michel Heydens is a Belgian racecar driver who is best known for his 2004 part-season with the Perspective-Porsche team of Le Mans Endurance Series.-External Links:*...

    , a Belgian racecar driver

See also

  • Heiden
    - People :* Anton Heiden , former water polo player from The Netherlands* Bernhard Heiden , German-American composer and music teacher* Beth Heiden , American athlete...

  • Haiden, Hayden, Haydn
    Haydn (disambiguation)
    Joseph Haydn was an Austrian composer of the Classical period.Haydn may also refer to:People with last name Haydn:* Michael Haydn composer and the younger brother of Joseph Haydn...

  • Haydon
  • Heydon
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