A hexamer is a thing composed out of six
6 or six may refer to:* 6 , a number, numeral, and glyph* AD 6, a calendar year* 6 BC, a calendar year-Names:* Alphonse Six , Belgian football player* Didier Six , former French international footballer...


In microbiology, a hexamer is one of the proteins composing the polyhedral protein shell that encloses the bacterial micro-compartments known as carboxysomes
Carboxysomes are bacterial microcompartments that contain enzymes involved in carbon fixation. Carboxysomes are made of polyhedral protein shells about 80 to 140 nanometres in diameter. These compartments are thought to concentrate carbon dioxide to overcome the inefficiency of RuBisCo - the...


A random hexamer
Random hexamer
A random hexamer or random hexonucleotides are for various PCR applications such as rolling circle amplification to prime the DNA....

 or random hexonucleotides are primers used for various PCR applications such as rolling circle amplification to prime the DNA synthetis.

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