Henry Reynolds (poet)
Henry Reynolds was a Suffolk man, schoolmaster, English poet and literary critic of the seventeenth century.

He is known for two works, Aminta Englisht of 1628, a translation from Tasso
-People:*Torquato Tasso, the famous Italian 16th-century poet, author of Gerusalemme liberata**Tasso, Lament and Triumph, a symphonic poem by Franz Liszt based on the poet*Bernardo Tasso, his father, also a poet...

, and Mythomystes, a 1632 critical work on poetry considered to be most influenced by the Neoplatonism
Platonism in the Renaissance
Platonism underwent a revival in the Renaissance, as part of a general revival of interest in Classical antiquity. Interest in Platonism was especially strong in Florence under the Medici....

 of the early Italian Renaissance. He was the dedicatee of a 1627 poem by Michael Drayton
Michael Drayton
Michael Drayton was an English poet who came to prominence in the Elizabethan era.-Early life:He was born at Hartshill, near Nuneaton, Warwickshire, England. Almost nothing is known about his early life, beyond the fact that in 1580 he was in the service of Thomas Goodere of Collingham,...

. Otherwise there is sparse biographical information.


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