Harry Welchman

Selected filmography

  • The Maid of the Mountains (1932)
  • The Last Waltz (1936)
  • The Gentle Sex
    The Gentle Sex
    The Gentle Sex is a 1943 British, black-and-white romantic comedy-drama war film directed and narrated by Leslie Howard. It was produced by Concanen Productions, Two Cities Films and Derrick de Marney.-Synopsis:...

  • Lisbon Story
    Lisbon Story (1946 film)
    Lisbon Story is a 1946 British musical thriller film directed by Paul L. Stein and starring Patricia Burke, David Farrar, Walter Rilla and Austin Trevor...

  • Mad About Men
    Mad About Men
    Mad About Men is a British comedy film, made in 1954. It was directed by Ralph Thomas and written by Peter Blackmore, who also wrote the 1948 film Miranda which preceded Mad About Men...

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