Hardfloor is a German
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 techno and acid trance
Acid trance
Acid trance is a style of trance music that emerged in the late '80s early '90s focusing on utilising the acid sound. The trademark sound of "acid" is produced with a Roland TB-303 by playing a sequenced melody while altering the instrument's filter cutoff frequency, resonance, envelope modulation,...

 duo, consisting of Oliver Bondzio and Ramon Zenker. Their most famous track is "Acperience 1" (often titled more simply as "Acperience" on many compilation album
Compilation album
A compilation album is an album featuring tracks from one or more performers, often culled from a variety of sources The tracks are usually collected according to a common characteristic, such as popularity, genre, source or subject matter...


Their distinctive acid house
Acid house
Acid house is a sub-genre of house music that emphasizes a repetitive, hypnotic and trance-like style, often with samples or spoken lines rather than sung lyrics. Acid house's core electronic squelch sounds were developed around the mid-1980s, particularly by DJs from Chicago who experimented with...

 sound is attributed to their skill at manipulating Roland TB-303
Roland TB-303
The Roland TB-303 Bass Line is a bass synthesizer with built-in sequencer manufactured by the Roland corporation from late 1981 to 1984 that had a defining role in the development of contemporary electronic music.-History:...

 bass synthesisers, using up to six of these machines at once. Their UK
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 include "Hardtrance Acperience" (1992), "Trancescript" (1993) and the remix
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 of the aforementioned "Acpereince" (1997). Their 1996 album
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, Home Run, peaked at #68 in the UK Albums Chart
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TB Resuscitation 1993 Harthouse
Harthouse is a German record label specializing in techno music. The label has been responsible for many success stories in the electronic world including Oliver Lieb, Eternal Basement, Hardfloor, Sven Väth and Koxbox....

Respect 1994 Harthouse
Home Run 1996 Harthouse
The Best Of Hardfloor 1997 Eye Q Records
All Targets Down 1998 Harthouse
So What?! 2000 Harthouse
4 Out Of 5 Aliens Recommend This 2005 www.hardfloor.de
Compiler 1.0 2006 www.hardfloor.de
The Life We Choose 2007 www.hardfloor.de
Two Guys Three Boxes 2010 www.hardfloor.de

Da Damn Phreak Noize Phunk

Hardfloor also released albums under the pseudonym Da Damn Phreak Noize Phunk. These songs tend toward the chillout and lounge
Lounge music
Lounge music is a retrospective description of music popular in the 1950s and 1960s. It is a type of mood music meant to evoke in the listeners the feeling of being in a place — a jungle, an island paradise, outer space, et cetera — other than where they are listening to it...

Electric Crate Digger 1999 Studio !K7
Take Off Da Hot Sweater 2002 Combination Records
Lost & Found 2003 Combination Records
The Chearleaders Are Smilin' At You 2009 Mole Listening Pearls

Mix albums compiled by Hardfloor

Hardfloor presents X-MIX: Jack The Box 1998 Studio K7
Our Acid Experience 2006 www.hardfloor.de
Tales Of The Unexpected 3 - Mixed By Hardfloor 2008 Platipus Records
Platipus Records
Platipus Records was a popular trance music record label that was based in London, UK. It was founded in 1993 by Simon Berry. The early releases were almost exclusively limited to Berry's various projects, including Union Jack, Clanger, and Art of Trance...

Singles and EPs

"Let Da Bass Go" 1991 Eye Q Records
"Drug Overlord" 1992 Eye Q Records
"Hardtrance Acperience EP" 1992 Harthouse
"Trancescript" 1993 Harthouse
"Into The Nature" 1994 Harthouse
"Funalogue Mini Album" 1994 Harthouse
"Mr. Anderson" / "Fish & Chips" 1994 Harthouse
"Mahogany Roots" 1994 Harthouse
"Respect" 1994 Harthouse
"Respected Remixes" 1995 Harthouse
"Da Damn Phreak Noize Phunk?" 1995 Harthouse
"Strikeout" 1996 Harthouse
"Beavis At Bat" 1996 Harthouse
"Da Damn Phreak Noize Phunk? Volume 2" 1997 Harthouse
"Hardfloor Will Survive" (collaboration with Phuture
Phuture is a Chicago-based acid house group founded in 1985 by Spanky, DJ Pierre and Herb J.The group's 12-minute track "Acid Tracks" is one of several recordings that lay claim to being the first-ever acid house record....

1998 Harthouse
"Skill Shot" 1999 Harthouse
"Smash The Gnat" 2000 Harthouse
"Communication To None" 2001 Harthouse
"Underexposed Above Average" 2001 Harthouse
"Alphabetical" / "Received Files" / "Me Too" 2003 www.hardfloor.de
"Da Revival" / "Hubbub Rub" 2004 www.hardfloor.de
"Soulful Spirit" / "Mrs. Broflovski" 2004 www.hardfloor.de
"Murano" / "Joppiemuffler" 2004 www.hardfloor.de
"Groupie Love" / "Plasticacid" / "Jack the House" 2005 www.hardfloor.de
"T 2 Da C" (Da Remixes) 2005 www.hardfloor.de
"Devils & Donuts" / "Who Took Da Box?" 2006 www.hardfloor.de
"Tugger" / "Butterflies in Bottermelk" 2006 www.hardfloor.de
"Hitchhiker Habits" / "Blueprint" (by Rob Acid) 2006 www.hardfloor.de
"707" (by Andreas Andreas) / "It's Him, It's Him" 2007 www.hardfloor.de

Selected Hardfloor remixes

  • Robert Armani - "Circus Bells" 1993 Djax-Up-Beats
  • Sourmash - "Pilgrimage To Paradise" 1994 Prolekult Records
  • Mory Kante
    Mory Kanté
    Mory Kanté is a vocalist and player of the kora harp. He was born into one of Guinea's best known families of griot musicians...

     - "Yé ké yé ké
    Yé ké yé ké
    "Yé ké yé ké" is a 1987 song recorded by Guinean singer Mory Kanté. Released as a single from his album Akwaba Beach in 1988, the song became an international hit, which was one of Africa's best-ever selling hits as well as being a European number-one in 1988, making it the first ever African...

    " 1995 FFRR Records
    FFRR Records
    FFRR Records is a subsidiary of London Records, founded and run by English DJ Pete Tong. FFRR has also two subsidiaries: Double F Double R Records and Ffrreedom Records...

  • Bassheads - "Is There Anybody Out There?" 1995 Deconstruction Records
    Deconstruction Records
    Deconstruction Records is a record label founded in 1987 by Pete Hadfield and Keith Blackhurst in the United Kingdom. Distribution was via label deals with Parlophone Records, for acts such as K-Klass and Bassheads), and RCA Records for everybody else....

     (Desa Basshead)
  • New Order
    New Order
    New Order are an English rock band formed in 1980 by Bernard Sumner , Peter Hook and Stephen Morris...

     - "Blue Monday
    Blue Monday (New Order song)
    "Blue Monday" is a single released in 1983 by British band New Order, and later remixed in 1988 and 1995. The song has been widely remixed and covered since its original release, and became a popular anthem in the dance club scene.-Background:...

    " 1995 London Records
    London Records
    London Records, referred to as London Recordings in logo, is a record label headquartered in the United Kingdom, originally marketing records in the United States, Canada and Latin America from 1947 to 1979, then becoming a semi-independent label....

  • Baby Doc And The Dentist - Mantra To The Buddha 1995 TEC (Truelove Electronic Communications)
  • TWA - "Nasty Girls" 1995 Mercury Records
    Mercury Records
    Mercury Records is a record label operating as a standalone company in the UK and as part of the Island Def Jam Motown Music Group in the US; both are subsidiaries of Universal Music Group. There is also a Mercury Records in Australia, which is a local artist and repertoire division of Universal...

  • The Shamen
    The Shamen
    The Shamen were an experimental electronic music band, from 1985–1999, initially formed in Aberdeen, Scotland, as a psychedelic-influenced indie rock act. The founding members are Colin Angus , Derek McKenzie and Keith McKenzie...

     - "Destination Eschaton" 1995 Epic Records
    Epic Records
    Epic Records is an American record label, owned by Sony Music Entertainment. Though it was originally conceived as a jazz imprint, it has since expanded to represent various genres. L.A...

  • Depeche Mode
    Depeche Mode
    Depeche Mode are an English electronic music band formed in 1980 in Basildon, Essex. The group's original line-up consisted of Dave Gahan , Martin Gore , Andy Fletcher and Vince Clarke...

     - "It's No Good
    It's No Good
    "It's No Good" is Depeche Mode's thirty-second UK single, released on March 31, 1997 , and the second single for the then upcoming album Ultra...

    " 1997 Mute Records
    Mute Records
    Mute is an independent record label based in the UK. It was founded in 1978 by Daniel Miller and featured several prominent musical acts on its roster such as Goldfrapp, Depeche Mode, Yazoo, Erasure and Fad Gadget.-Beginnings:...

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