Hagal may refer to:
  • The Old High German for "hail
    Hail is a form of solid precipitation. It consists of balls or irregular lumps of ice, each of which is referred to as a hail stone. Hail stones on Earth consist mostly of water ice and measure between and in diameter, with the larger stones coming from severe thunderstorms...

  • Hagall, the Younger Futhark h rune
  • Hagal (Armanen rune)
    Hagal (Armanen rune)
    Hagal is the 7th rune of Armanen Futharkh of Guido von List, derived from the Younger Futhark Hagal rune .Hagal is the "mother rune" of the Armanen system and also seen as such by List's contemporaries Jörg Lanz von Liebenfels, Adolf Schleipfer, Peryt Shou, Siegfried Adolf Kummer, Rudolf John...

    , the derived rune in Germanic mysticism
  • Hagal (Dune), a fictional planet in Frank Herbert's Dune universe
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