HOV may refer to:
  • High-occupancy vehicle lane
    High-occupancy vehicle lane
    In transportation engineering and transportation planning, a high-occupancy vehicle lane is a lane reserved for vehicles with a driver and one or more passengers...

  • Ørsta-Volda Airport, Hovden
    Ørsta-Volda Airport, Hovden
    Ørsta-Volda Airport, Hovden is a regional airport serving the municipalities of Ørsta and Volda, as well as the rest of southern Sunnmøre in Møre og Romsdal county, Norway. The airport served 91,827 passengers in 2009. It is operated by Avinor.-Service:...

     (IATA airport code) in Hovden, Norway
  • Hovig
  • A small street gang located in Naperville
  • see Hov
    Hov can refer to the following:*An HOV or High-occupancy vehicle*A location:**Hov, Faroe Islands**Hov, Norway*HOV, the ticker symbol for U.S...

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