Gustav von Rauch
Gustav von Rauch was a Prussian general, chief of staff
German General Staff
The German General Staff was an institution whose rise and development gave the German armed forces a decided advantage over its adversaries. The Staff amounted to its best "weapon" for nearly a century and a half....

 from 1812-1813, and Minister of War
Prussian Minister of War
The Prussian War Ministry was gradually established between 1808 and 1809 as part of a series of reforms initiated by the Military Reorganization Commission created after the disastrous Treaty of Paris. The War Ministry was to help bring the army under constitutional control, and, along with the...

 from 1837 to 1841. His daughter Rosalie
Rosalie von Rauch
Rosalie von Rauch was the morganatic second wife of Prince Albert of Prussia, the youngest child of King Frederick William III....

, married Prince Albert of Prussia as second, morgantic, wife in 1850.
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