Gothelo II, Duke of Lower Lorraine
Gothelo II (1008–1046), variously called the Coward, the Sluggard, the Indolent, or the Lazy (Latin
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 ignavus), has been often said to be Duke of Lower Lorraine after the death of his father Gothelo I
Gothelo I, Duke of Lorraine
Gothelo , called the Great, was the duke of Lower Lorraine from 1023 and of Upper Lorraine from 1033. He was also the margrave of Antwerp from 1005 and count of Verdun. Gothelo was the youngest son of Godfrey I, Count of Verdun, and Matilda Billung, daughter of Herman, Duke of Saxony...

, Duke of both Lower and Upper Lorraine (1044) until his own death in 1046.

When Gothelo I died in 1044, Godfrey III
Godfrey III, Duke of Lower Lorraine
Godfrey III , called the Bearded, was the eldest son of Gothelo I, duke of Upper and Lower Lorraine. By inheritance, he was count of Verdun and he became margrave of Antwerp as a vassal of the duke of Lower Lorraine...

, his eldest son, who had been co-ruling in Lower Lorraine
Lower Lorraine
The Duchy of Lower Lorraine or Lower Lotharingia , established in 959 was a stem duchy of the medieval German kingdom, which encompassed part of modern-day Belgium, the Netherlands, the northern part of the German Rhineland and a part of northern France east of the Schelde river.It was created out...

 for several years, was not given Lower Lorraine by the Emperor Henry III. Henry first threatened to give Lower Lorraine to the second son Gothelo (not known for his courage or competency and who was perhaps mentally deficient
Mental retardation
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). Godfrey rebelled and was imprisoned. Henry appointed Frederick of Luxembourg
Frederick, Duke of Lower Lorraine
Frederick of Luxembourg was the count of Malmedy from 1035 and duke of Lower Lorraine from 1046. He was a younger son of Frederick, lord of Gleiberg, and Ermentrude, and grandson of Siegfried, Count of Luxembourg, hence his name....

 to succeed in Lower Lorraine.

The date of Gothelo II's death has been disputed. The homonym
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y between father and son and the imprecision of the documents (including the fact that not all mention him) have made his role in the duchy of Lower Lorraine debatable.
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