Goran Vejvoda
Goran Vejvoda (born 1956 in London
London is the capital city of :England and the :United Kingdom, the largest metropolitan area in the United Kingdom, and the largest urban zone in the European Union by most measures. Located on the River Thames, London has been a major settlement for two millennia, its history going back to its...

, United Kingdom
United Kingdom
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) is an English
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-born, French
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-based, media artist (musician, composer, sound and visual artist, performance artist, photographer, writer, and actor).

Son of diplomat Ivo Vejvoda, Goran grew up in London, Rome and Paris before moving to Belgrade at the age of fifteen in 1971.

In the early 1980s he briefly fronted Annoda Rouge band/project with then girlfriend Bebi Dol
Baby Doll (singer)
Bebi Dol is a Serbian female pop singer and performer...

 on vocals, and Vd
Ivan Vdovic
Ivan "Ivica" Vdović also known as VD was Yugoslavian musician, drummer of Yugoslav rock bands such as Suncokret, Šarlo Akrobata and Katarina II....

 on drums. The band never released any official material for commercial exploitation.

Later, Vejvoda collaborated on Bebi Dol's solo hit-singles "Mustafa" and "Rudi" as well as her Ruze i krv album.

Vejvoda also worked on the studio recordings of Kozmetika
Kozmetika were a Serbian New Wave/art rock band from Belgrade, notable as one of the pioneers and promoters of New Wave music and culture in Yugoslavia through their youth magazine Izgled.- History :...

, D' Boys
D' Boys
-1982 - 1985:The band was formed in 1982, consisting of two musicians: Peđa D'Boy and Miško Mihajlovski, who reportedly "played the drum machine" and percussion...

, and VIS Idoli
VIS Idoli
Idoli were a new wave band from Belgrade, SR Serbia. They are considered to be one of the greatest and most influential Yugoslav rock bands and their 1982 album Odbrana i poslednji dani was voted by the critics as the greatest Yugoslav rock album.- Merlin and Zvuk Ulice :The roots of Idoli can be...

's seminal Odbrana i poslednji dani album (for a short time during 1982, he was the band's official member). He additionally collaborated with Šarlo akrobata
Šarlo Akrobata
Šarlo Akrobata were a seminal Yugoslav rock band often categorized as late punk or New Wave, particularly art-oriented. Short-lived but extremely influential, in addition to being one of the most important acts of the Yugoslav New Wave scene, the three piece left an indelible mark on the entire...

 members on the Dečko koji obećava soundtrack.

Simultaneously, he wrote for Džuboks and Rock music magazines, doing interviews with the likes of David Byrne
David Byrne (musician)
David Byrne is a musician and artist, best known as a founding member and principal songwriter of the American new wave band Talking Heads, which was active between 1975 and 1991. Since then, Byrne has released his own solo recordings and worked with various media including film, photography,...

, Brian Eno
Brian Eno
Brian Peter George St. John le Baptiste de la Salle Eno , commonly known as Brian Eno or simply as Eno , is an English musician, composer, record producer, singer and visual artist, known as one of the principal innovators of ambient music.Eno studied at Colchester Institute art school in Essex,...

, etc. He published photographs in Izgled
Izgled was a pop-culture magazine published in Belgrade, Serbia during the 1980s. Only five issues were published.- History :The magazine was published by Belgrade's SKC ....

magazine and did the cover photos on Paket aranžman
Paket aranžman
Paket aranžman is a New Wave music compilation album released in 1980 by Jugoton and its one of the most important and influential records ever made in the former Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia. It features the eminent Belgrade artists: Šarlo Akrobata, Električni Orgazam and Idoli...

album as well as Električni orgazam
Električni Orgazam
Električni Orgazam is a Serbian rock band from Belgrade. Originally starting as a combination of New Wave, punk rock and post-punk, the band later slowly changed their style, becoming a mainstream rock act.- New Wave years :...

's self-titled debut album.

With Slobodan Cicmil, Vejvoda co-wrote a book about Brian Eno called Zaobilazne strategije (Oblique strategies) published in 1986. Around the same time, Vejvoda ventured into acting - playing the role of Russian painter El Lissitzky
El Lissitzky
, better known as El Lissitzky , was a Russian artist, designer, photographer, typographer, polemicist and architect. He was an important figure of the Russian avant garde, helping develop suprematism with his mentor, Kazimir Malevich, and designing numerous exhibition displays and propaganda works...

 in a TV movie Ruski umetnički eksperiment directed by Boris Miljković
Boris Miljkovic
Boris Miljković , is a prolific Serbian artist of many talents - TV and theatre director, video artist, creative director in advertising, writer and a lecturer at the Belgrade University of Arts. He is also the creative director at RTS, Serbia's public television broadcaster...

 and Branimir Dimitrijević.

In 1985 Vejvoda moved to Paris
Paris is the capital and largest city in France, situated on the river Seine, in northern France, at the heart of the Île-de-France region...

 where he continued his visual art, musical studio work, composing music for ballet, theatre, film. television, performing etc.

In 1996 he composed the music for Enki Bilal
Enki Bilal
Enes Bilal is a French comic book creator, comics artist and film director.-Biography:Born in Belgrade, Yugoslavia, to a Slovak mother and a Bosnian father who had been Josip Broz Tito's tailor, he moved to Paris at the age of 9. At age 14, he met René Goscinny and with his encouragement applied...

's film Tykho Moon and the original score for his 2004 film Immortel
Immortel (Ad Vitam)
Immortal is a 2004 English language, French-produced live-action/animated science fiction film, directed by Enki Bilal and loosely based upon his comic book La Foire aux immortels...



  • In The Mooncage with Suba
    Suba (musician)
    Mitar "Suba" Subotić a.k.a Rex Illusivi was a Serbian-born musician and composer who was set to become one of Brazil's most prominent producers when he died in November 1999.-Biography:Born Mitar Subotić, he obtained a university degree in his hometown from the University of Novi Sad,...

  • Oko 3 (Barclay 1992)
  • La Peau du Monde (Fairplay 1993)
  • The Dreambird with Suba
    Suba (musician)
    Mitar "Suba" Subotić a.k.a Rex Illusivi was a Serbian-born musician and composer who was set to become one of Brazil's most prominent producers when he died in November 1999.-Biography:Born Mitar Subotić, he obtained a university degree in his hometown from the University of Novi Sad,...

     (Comep - Brazil - 1994)
  • Mikroorganizmi with Rambo Amadeus
    Rambo Amadeus
    Rambo Amadeus is the stage name of the Belgrade-based Montenegrin singer-songwriter Antonije Pušić, popular all over the former Yugoslavia...

    Komuna Belgrade
    Komuna is a Serbian record label and media production house. Established in 1985, its headquarters are in Belgrade, Serbia with a branch office Budva, Montenegro...

  • Tykho Moon (Makhno 1997)
  • Le sommeil du monstre (Versailles - Sony 1998)
  • Fruit Cloud (Galerie de Pop Co.,Ltd - Japan - 1999)
  • Harmonie (Galerie de Pop Co.,Ltd - Japan - 2000)
  • Zerone - What (Maat 2003)
  • Immortel (Une musique de film - 2004)
  • Vibrö - The Broken Tales Issue (2004)
  • La chute implique d'autres sens with Claudia Huidobro (Limited edition 2007)
  • A square of silence a circle of sound (Gala Ghenmar - 2007)

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