Goplans, Goplanes or Goplanie is a name of an early medieval West Slavic
West Slavic
West Slavic can refer to:* West Slavic languages* West Slavic peoples...

 tribe, later to become part of the Polish nation. They were mentioned by Bavarian Geographer
Bavarian Geographer
The Bavarian Geographer is a conventional name given by Jan Potocki in 1796 to the author of an anonymous medieval document Descriptio civitatum et regionum ad septentrionalem plagam Danubii ....

 as 'Glopeani' and believed to have lived around Lake Gopło, with its capital in Kruszwica
Kruszwica is a town in central Poland and is situated in the Kuyavian-Pomeranian Voivodeship , previously in Bydgoszcz Voivodeship .It has a population of 9,412 people .-History:...

, between 7th-9th century AD.

Medieval chronicles claim that 'Glopeani' controlled 400 gord
Gord (Slavic settlement)
Gord is a medieval Slavic fortified settlement. This Proto-Slavic word for town or city, later differentiated into grad , gard, gorod , etc. The ancient peoples were known for building wooden fortified settlements...

s (fortified wooden settlements), but this number seems too large for that period. (Why?)

The archeological research in Kruszwica has failed to uncover the fortress or show that it was a center of a settled region.
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