Glaucus is a Greek name. In modern Greek usage, the name is usually transliterated Glafkos. It may refer to:
  • Glaucus
    Glaucus is a Greek name. In modern Greek usage, the name is usually transliterated Glafkos. It may refer to:*Glaucus, a sea-god in Greek mythology*Glaucus , a mythical Lycian captain in the Trojan War...

    , a sea-god in Greek mythology
  • Glaucus (soldier)
    Glaucus (soldier)
    Glaucus was a son of Hippolochus and a grandson of Bellerophon. He was a captain in the Lycian army under the command of his close friend and cousin Sarpedon. The Lycians in the Trojan War were allies of Troy...

    , a mythical Lycian captain in the Trojan War
  • Glaucus (son of Sisyphus), a mythical Corinthian king
  • Glaucus (son of Minos)
    Glaucus (son of Minos)
    Glaucus was a son of Minos and Pasiphaë. One day, Glaucus while playing with a ball or chasing a mouse fell into a jar of honey and died...

    , a mythical prince
  • Glaucus of Chios
    Glaucus of Chios
    According to Herodotus, Alyattes, the Lydian King and father of Croesus, gave a salver of welded iron to the Oracle of Delphi. This salver, "the most remarkable of all the offerings at Delphi," was the work of Glaucus of Chios, "the inventor of the art of welding."...

    , the mythical inventor of welding in Greek mythology
  • Glaucus (owl), the owl of Athena
  • Glaucus (river of Asia Minor)
    Glaucus (river of Asia Minor)
    Glaucus is the name of no less than four rivers of Asia Minor noted by authors in antiquity.# A tributary of the Phasis in Colchis, now called Tchorocsou. The Phasis is now called the Rioni, and Colchis is in the modern republic of Georgia.# One of the two small rivers by the union of which the...

    , rivers in Asia Minor
  • Glafkos (river), a river in Patras, Greece
  • Glaucus (disciple), the 2nd century teacher of Basilides
    Basilides was an early Gnostic religious teacher in Alexandria, Egypt who taught from 117–138 AD, notes that to prove that the heretical sects were "later than the catholic Church," Clement of Alexandria assigns Christ's own teaching to the reigns of Augustus and Tiberius; that of the apostles,...

  • Apollonius Glaucus
    Apollonius Glaucus
    Apollonius Glaucus was a physician and writer who must have lived during or before the 2nd century CE, as his work On Internal Diseases is quoted by Caelius Aurelianus. Nothing more is known of his life. He wrote, for instance, on the significance of the types of excreted worms.-Name:The name...

    , a 2nd century Roman physician
  • Glafkos Klerides
    Glafkos Klerides
    Glafcos Ioannou Clerides is a Greek-Cypriot politician and the fourth President of the Republic of Cyprus.Clerides was the eldest son of the lawyer and statesman Ioannis Clerides....

    , the former President of Cyprus
  • Glaucus (gastropod), a genus of nudibranchs in the family Glaucidae
  • 1870 Glaukos
    1870 Glaukos
    1870 Glaukos is a Jupiter Trojan discovered on March 24, 1971 by Cornelis Johannes van Houten, Ingrid van Houten-Groeneveld and Tom Gehrels at Palomar Observatory.- External links :*...

    , a Trojan asteroid
  • Greek submarine Glafkos (Υ-6), a Protefs class submarine of the Hellenic Navy
    Hellenic Navy
    The Hellenic Navy is the naval force of Greece, part of the Greek Armed Forces. The modern Greek navy has its roots in the naval forces of various Aegean Islands, which fought in the Greek War of Independence...

  • Glaukos Linea, a linea
    Linea is Latin for 'line'. In planetary geology it is used to refer to any long marking, dark or bright, on a planet or moon's surface. The planet Venus and Jupiter's moon Europa have numerous lineae; Saturn's moon Rhea has several.-See also:...

     on Europa

Genus Latin binomial name:
  • Glaucus (genus), a genus of pelagic sea slugs.
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