German submarine U-213
German submarine U-213 was a Type VIID mine-laying
Minelaying is the act of deploying explosive mines. Historically this has been carried out by ships, submarines and aircraft. Additionally, since World War I the term minelayer refers specifically to a naval ship used for deploying naval mines...

U-boat is the anglicized version of the German word U-Boot , itself an abbreviation of Unterseeboot , and refers to military submarines operated by Germany, particularly in World War I and World War II...

 of the German
Nazi Germany
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The Kriegsmarine was the name of the German Navy during the Nazi regime . It superseded the Kaiserliche Marine of World War I and the post-war Reichsmarine. The Kriegsmarine was one of three official branches of the Wehrmacht, the unified armed forces of Nazi Germany.The Kriegsmarine grew rapidly...

 during World War II
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Laid down on 1 October 1940 by Friedrich Krupp Germaniawerft
Friedrich Krupp Germaniawerft
Friedrich Krupp Germaniawerft was a German shipbuilding company, located in the harbour at Kiel, and one of the largest and most important builders of U-boats for the Kaiserliche Marine in World War I and the Kriegsmarine in World War II.-History:The company was founded in 1867 by Lloyd Foster, as...

, Kiel
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, the boat was commissioned on 30 August 1941 with Oberleutnant zur See Amelung von Varendorff in command. She trained with the 5th U-boat Flotilla  until 31 December 1941, and on 1 January 1942 U-213 was assigned to 1st U-boat Flotilla. On 1 May 1942 she was assigned to the 9th U-boat Flotilla and spent the rest of her career with that unit.

Service history

U-213 carried out three war patrols during her career, ranging into the North Atlantic. On 14 May 1942 she landed an Abwehr
The Abwehr was a German military intelligence organisation from 1921 to 1944. The term Abwehr was used as a concession to Allied demands that Germany's post-World War I intelligence activities be for "defensive" purposes only...

 agent, Alfred Langbein, on the Canadian coast near St. Martins, New Brunswick
St. Martins, New Brunswick
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. The mission was termed Operation Grete, and Langbein was instructed to report on the sailing of convoys. Langbein failed to accomplish this, and surrendered to the authorities in September 1944 after running out of money. He was released after the end of the war. U-213 took part in three "wolfpacks" during the war, as part of Schlei from 1 February until 12 February 1942, Westwall from 2 March until 12 March 1942, and Pfadfinder
Wolf pack Pfadfinder
Pfadfinder was a "wolfpack" of German U-boats that operated from 21 to 27 May 1942, in the Battle of the Atlantic during World War II...

 from 21 May until 27 May 1942. During this period she suffered two attacks, one on 7 February 1942
from the escorts of convoy ON-63, which U-213 was attempting to attack, and which left the U-boat slightly damaged by depth charge
Depth charge
A depth charge is an anti-submarine warfare weapon intended to destroy or cripple a target submarine by the shock of exploding near it. Most use explosives and a fuze set to go off at a preselected depth in the ocean. Depth charges can be dropped by either surface ships, patrol aircraft, or from...

s; and on 15 May 1942 when U-213 was surprised on the surface by a destroyer in bad weather in the Gulf of Maine
Gulf of Maine
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, and was again slightly damaged by depth charges.

U-213 was eventually sunk on 31 July 1942, while in the North Atlantic, east of the Azores
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, by a depth charge attack from the sloops , and . Her entire crew of 50 were lost with her.
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