Gennadius or Gennadios may refer to:
  • Gennadius I, Patriarch of Constantinople from 458-471 AD
  • Gennadius II, Patriarch of Constantinople from 1454-1464 AD
  • Gennadius of Massilia
    Gennadius of Massilia
    Gennadius of Massilia , also known as Gennadius Scholasticus or Gennadius of Marseille, was a 5th century Christian priest and historian....

    , 5th-century historian, best known for his work De Viris Illustribus
  • Gennadius of Astorga, Saint and Bishop of Astorga (Spain) in the ninth century'
  • Gennadius (6th century)
    Gennadius (6th century)
    Gennadius was an East Roman general and the first exarch of Africa.He was appointed as magister militum Africae in ca. 578, and quickly defeated the Romano-Moorish kingdom of Garmul in Mauretania. He held this post until named exarch by Emperor Maurice sometime between 585 and 591...

    , Byzantine general and first exarch of Africa
  • Gennadius (7th century)
    Gennadius (7th century)
    Gennadius was an Byzantine general who exercised the role of Exarch of Africa from 648 to 665, when he was finally expelled.Gennadius was a Byzantine general who served under the Byzantine Emperor Constans II. He assumed the position of exarch of Africa after the death of Gregory the Patrician at...

    , Byzantine general and exarch of Africa
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