Generator may refer to:
  • Electrical generator
    Electrical generator
    In electricity generation, an electric generator is a device that converts mechanical energy to electrical energy. A generator forces electric charge to flow through an external electrical circuit. It is analogous to a water pump, which causes water to flow...

  • Engine-generator
    An engine-generator is the combination of an electrical generator and an engine mounted together to form a single piece of equipment. This combination is also called an engine-generator set or a gen-set...

    , an electrical generator, but with its own engine.
  • Generator (mathematics), any of several closely related usages in mathematics.

  • Generator (computer science)
    Generator (computer science)
    In computer science, a generator is a special routine that can be used to control the iteration behaviour of a loop. A generator is very similar to a function that returns an array, in that a generator has parameters, can be called, and generates a sequence of values...

    , a specialized routine that acts like an iterator
  • A program which produces a stream of data
  • Pseudorandom number generator
    Pseudorandom number generator
    A pseudorandom number generator , also known as a deterministic random bit generator , is an algorithm for generating a sequence of numbers that approximates the properties of random numbers...

    , producer of a sequence of random or nearly-random numbers
  • Prime number generator, a producer of the ordered sequence of prime number
    Prime number
    A prime number is a natural number greater than 1 that has no positive divisors other than 1 and itself. A natural number greater than 1 that is not a prime number is called a composite number. For example 5 is prime, as only 1 and 5 divide it, whereas 6 is composite, since it has the divisors 2...

  • A zero-generator, the pseudo-device /dev/zero
    /dev/zero is a special file in Unix-like operating systems that provides as many null characters as are read from it. One of the typical uses is to provide a character stream for initializing data storage.-Function:...

     outputs a never ending stream of zero-valued bytes
  • Code generator
    Code generation
    In computer science, code generation is the process by which a compiler's code generator converts some intermediate representation of source code into a form that can be readily executed by a machine ....

    , a program which creates source code as its output
  • anything that creates source code automatically in generative programming
  • Natural language generator
    Natural language generation
    Natural Language Generation is the natural language processing task of generating natural language from a machine representation system such as a knowledge base or a logical form...

    , a program that produces human language from a machine representation
  • Generator matrix
    Generator matrix
    In coding theory, a generator matrix is a basis for a linear code, generating all its possible codewords.If the matrix is G and the linear code is C,where w is a codeword of the linear code C, c is a row vector, and a bijection exists between w and c. A generator matrix for an q-code has...

    , a matrix whose rows can generate all the elements of a linear code
    Linear code
    In coding theory, a linear code is an error-correcting code for which any linear combination of codewords is also a codeword. Linear codes are traditionally partitioned into block codes and convolutional codes, although Turbo codes can be seen as a hybrid of these two types. Linear codes allow for...

  • Random test generator
    Random test generator
    Random test generators are a type of computer software that is used in functional verification of microprocessors. Their primary use lies in providing input stimulus to a device under test....

    , used in functional verification
    Functional verification
    Functional verification, in electronic design automation, is the task of verifying that the logic design conforms to specification. In everyday terms, functional verification attempts to answer the question "Does this proposed design do what is intended?" This is a complex task, and takes the...

     of microprocessors
    A microprocessor incorporates the functions of a computer's central processing unit on a single integrated circuit, or at most a few integrated circuits. It is a multipurpose, programmable device that accepts digital data as input, processes it according to instructions stored in its memory, and...


  • "Generator" (song)
    Generator (song)
    "Generator" is a Foo Fighters song, released as a single in 2000 from their third album There Is Nothing Left to Lose. The single was only released in Australia and also released as a limited edition single in Europe....

    , a song by The Foo Fighters
  • "Generator" (The Holloways song)
    Generator (The Holloways song)
    "Generator" is the first, fourth and sixth single from the North London indie group The Holloways. The initial limited release wasn't chart eligible as it was only available from one shop on Holloway Road. The first re-release debuted at #30 in the UK Singles Chart...

    , a song by The Holloways
  • Generator (Bad Religion album)
    Generator (Bad Religion album)
    In October 2011, the album was ranked number three on Guitar World magazine's top ten list of guitar albums of 1992.-Track listing:#"Generator" - 3:21#"Too Much to Ask" - 2:45#"No Direction" - 3:14#"Tomorrow" - 1:56...

    , an album by punk band Bad Religion, and its opening track
  • Generator (Aborym album)
    Generator (Aborym album)
    Generator is the fourth studio album by the Italian/Norwegian industrial black metal band Aborym. Former vocalist Attila Csihar makes a guest appearance on this album, performing vocals on "Man Bites God". Vocals on the rest of the album are performed by Prime Evil.This is Aborym's first album to...

  • The Generators
    The Generators
    The Generators are a punk rock band, formed in Los Angeles in 1997 by members of the defunct band Schleprock. They released seven full-length albums, and went on European and North American tours....

    , a punk rock band formed in Los Angeles in 1997 by members of the defunct Warner Bros. band Schleprock
  • Kix (band)
    Kix (band)
    Kix is an American hard rock/heavy metal band who achieved popularity in the late 1980s and early 1990s. Band members continue to tour, recently appearing at the Rocklahoma festival in 2008 in Oklahoma and the M3 Rock Festival in May 2011 in the band's home state of Maryland.-Formation:Kix was...

    , an American glam metal band also known as the Generators

Popular culture:
  • A Generator in the anime Generator Gawl
    Generator Gawl
    is a 1998 12-part anime series. The story is set in 2007, when Professor Takuma Nekasa uncovers a gene code that will unlock the human body's greatest mystery and expose mankind to its greatest threat. As a result, Gawl, Koji, and Ryo—three young scientists from a future period—have traveled back...

    is a metal-organic hybrid organism with far greater powers than that of a human.
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