Gemstones is the third solo album by Adam Green
Adam Green (musician)
Adam Green is an American singer-songwriter.Green's off-kilter style has achieved a moderate college radio following in the United States, and enjoys increasing popularity in a number of European countries, particularly Germany.-Career:Green attended Emerson College for one semester in 1998 before...

, released in 2005. The album is characterised by the heavy presence of Wurlitzer
Wurlitzer electric piano
Wurlitzer 200A|250px|thumbThe Wurlitzer electric piano was one of a series of electromechanical stringless pianos manufactured and marketed by the Rudolph Wurlitzer Company, Corinth, Mississippi, U.S. and Tonawanda, New York...

 piano, whereas its predecessor relied on a string section
String section
The string section is the largest body of the standard orchestra and consists of bowed string instruments of the violin family.It normally comprises five sections: the first violins, the second violins, the violas, the cellos, and the double basses...

in its instrumentation.

Track listing

  1. Gemstones – 2:24
  2. Down On The Street – 2:07
  3. He's The Brat – 2:03
  4. Over The Sunrise – 1:44
  5. Crackhouse Blues – 2:07
  6. Before My Bedtime – 2:40
  7. Carolina – 2:51
  8. Emily – 2:45
  9. Who's Your Boyfriend – 1:42
  10. Country Road – 2:27
  11. Choke on a Cock – 1:38
  12. Bible Club – 1:52
  13. Chubby Princess – 1:43
  14. Losing on a Tuesday – 1:46
  15. Teddy Boys – 1:50

Second Disc

A limited edition of the album came with an extra disc with the following tracklisting:
  1. Bible Club (Radio Session)
  2. Emily (Radio Session)
  3. My Shadow Tags On Behind (Radio Session)
  4. Her Father And Her (Radio Session)
  5. Dance With Me (Video)
  6. Baby's Gonna Die Tonight(Video)
  7. Jessica (Video)
  8. Friends of Mine (Video)
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