Free city
Free city may refer to:
  • City-state
    A city-state is an independent or autonomous entity whose territory consists of a city which is not administered as a part of another local government.-Historical city-states:...

    , region controlled exclusively by a sovereign city
  • Free city (antiquity)
    Free city (antiquity)
    Free city was a self-governed city during the Hellenistic and Roman Imperial eras. The status was given by the king or emperor, who nevertheless supervised the city's affairs through his epistates or curator respectively...

     a self-governed city during the Hellenistic and Roman Imperial eras
  • Free City (album)
    Free City (album)
    Free City is the debut studio album by hip-hop group St. Lunatics. It was released on June 5, 2001, almost a full year after the release of group member Nelly's debut, Country Grammar. The album was a commercial success as it debuted at #3 on the Billboard 200 with 196,000 copies sold in its first...

    , album by the St. Lunatics
  • Free City of Danzig
    Free City of Danzig
    The Free City of Danzig was a semi-autonomous city-state that existed between 1920 and 1939, consisting of the Baltic Sea port of Danzig and surrounding areas....

    , two historical city-states that existed in what is now Gdańsk, Poland
  • Free Imperial City
    Free Imperial City
    In the Holy Roman Empire, a free imperial city was a city formally ruled by the emperor only — as opposed to the majority of cities in the Empire, which were governed by one of the many princes of the Empire, such as dukes or prince-bishops...

    , city in the Holy Roman Empire under the emperor's direct control
  • Royal free city
    Royal free city
    Royal free city or free royal city was the official term for the most important cities in the Kingdom of Hungary from the 15th century until the early 20th century...

    , or free royal city, a term for a self-governed city in the Kingdom of Hungary
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