Franz Binder
Franz Binder was an Austria
Austria , officially the Republic of Austria , is a landlocked country of roughly 8.4 million people in Central Europe. It is bordered by the Czech Republic and Germany to the north, Slovakia and Hungary to the east, Slovenia and Italy to the south, and Switzerland and Liechtenstein to the...

n football player and coach.

Club career

Nicknamed Bimbo, Binder was a prolific goalscorer who played for SK Rapid Wien
SK Rapid Wien
The Sportklub Rapid Wien is an Austrian football club playing in the country's capital city of Vienna. Rapid is the most popular club in Austria and also record title holder having won the Austrian national football title 32 times...

. He won the national Austrian championship four times and was three times top goalscorer in Austrian league. In 1941 he also won the German championship with a 4–3 victory against Schalke 04, when he scored three goals. In his whole career he would score 1006 goals in 756 matches. With an average-score of 1.33 goals per match, it would be a world record, so Binder would have been one of few players, scoring more than 1000 goals in his career beside Gerd Müller
Gerd Müller
Gerhard "Gerd" Müller is a former German football player and one of the most prolific goalscorers of all time.With national records of 68 goals in 62 international appearances, 365 goals in 427 Bundesliga games and the international record of 66 goals in 74 European Club games, he was one of the...

, Arthur Friedenreich
Arthur Friedenreich
Arthur Friedenreich was a Brazilian football player. Nicknamed The Tiger, he was arguably the sport's first outstanding black player.-Biography:...

, Romario
Romário de Souza Faria , better known simply as Romário , is a former footballer who played striker,manager and current politician where is currently running for a mayor like position in his hometown...

, Josef Bican
Josef Bican
Josef "Pepi" Bican was a Czech-Austrian football forward. It is estimated by respected footballing statistics page RSSSF that Bican scored around 800 goals in all competitive matches, not including friendly games...

 and Pelé
However, Pelé has always maintained that those are mistakes, that he was actually named Edson and that he was born on 23 October 1940.), best known by his nickname Pelé , is a retired Brazilian footballer. He is widely regarded as one of the greatest football players of all time...


International career

Internationally he represented the Austria national football team
Austria national football team
The Austria national football team is the association football team that represents the country of Austria in international competition and is controlled by the Austrian Football Association ....

 (19 caps, 16 goals), and the Germany national football team
Germany national football team
The Germany national football team is the football team that has represented Germany in international competition since 1908. It is governed by the German Football Association , which was founded in 1900....

 (9 caps, 10 goals) during the Anschluss
The Anschluss , also known as the ', was the occupation and annexation of Austria into Nazi Germany in 1938....


Managerial career

After retirement from playing he became a football coach, of teams such as SSV Jahn Regensburg, PSV Eindhoven, 1. FC Nuremberg, 1860 München and Rapid Wien.

Player honours

  • Austrian Football Bundesliga (4):
    • 1935, 1938, 1946, 1948
  • Great Germany Gauliga (2):
    • 1940, 1941
  • Wiener Cup
    Austrian Cup
    The Austrian Cup, in German: ÖFB-Cup is an annual football competition held by the Austrian Football Association, the ÖFB.It has been held since 1919, with the exception of the time of the Anschluss between 1939 and 1945 and the period between 1950 and 1958 when the competition was deemed of...

    • 1946
  • German Cup (1):
    • 1938
  • Austrian Bundesliga Top Goalscorer (3):
    • 1933, 1937, 1938
  • Gauliga Top Goalscorer (3):
    • 1939, 1940, 1941

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