Forest History Society
The Forest History Society is an American
United States
The United States of America is a federal constitutional republic comprising fifty states and a federal district...

 non-profit organization dedicated to the preservation of forest and conservation history. The society was established in 1946 and incorporated in 1955.

The Alvin J. Huss Archives and the Carl A. Weyerhaeuser Library combine to provide a comprehensive compilation of materials related to forest history. The archives house large collections from several national organizations such as the Society of American Foresters
Society of American Foresters
The Society of American Foresters is a scientific and educational 501 non-profit organization, representing the forestry profession in the United States of America...

, the American Forest and Paper Association, and the American Forestry Association
American Forests
American Forests is a 501 non-profit conservation organization dedicated to protecting and restoring healthy forest ecosystems. Their stated mission is to "grow a healthier world with trees". The organization was established in 1875 as the American Forestry Association by physician and...

, as well as many other smaller collections of national and international significance. Additionally, the Forest History Society maintains a publication program, publishing the Environmental History journal, Forest History Today magazine, an Issues Series, and environmental and conservation-focused monographs; an education program, to build understanding and appreciation of human interaction with the natural world; and a liaison function between scholars, policymakers, and landowners.
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