Flask may refer to:
  • Laboratory flask
    Laboratory flask
    Laboratory flasks are vessels which fall into the category of laboratory equipment known as glassware. In laboratory and other scientific settings, they are usually referred to simply as flasks...

    , laboratory glassware for holding larger volumes than simple test tubes
  • Vacuum flask
    Vacuum flask
    A vacuum flask is an insulating storage vessel which keeps its contents hotter or cooler than its surroundings. Invented by Sir James Dewar in 1892, the vacuum flask consists of two flasks, placed one within the other and joined at the neck...

     a container designed to keep warm drinks warm and refrigerated drinks cold
  • Hip flask
    Hip flask
    A hip flask is a thin flask for holding a distilled beverage; its size and shape are suited to a trouser pocket.-Description: Hip flasks were traditionally made of pewter, silver, or even glass, though most modern flasks are made from stainless steel...

    , a small container used to carry a small amount of liquid
  • Flask (foundry)
    Flask (foundry)
    A flask is a type of tooling used to contain a mold in metal casting. A flask has only sides, and no top or bottom, and forms a frame around the mold, which is typically made of molding sand. The shape of a flask may be square, rectangular, round or any convenient shape. A flask can be any size...

     a container without a top or bottom, with sides only, used to hold molding sand.
    The Flux Advanced Security Kernel is an operating system security architecture that provides flexible support for security policies....

    , the Flux Advanced Security Kernel, an operating system security architecture
  • Mercury
    Mercury (element)
    Mercury is a chemical element with the symbol Hg and atomic number 80. It is also known as quicksilver or hydrargyrum...

     is traded in flasks containing 76 pounds (34.473 kg) of the metal
  • Flask (programming)
    Flask (programming)
    Flask is a lightweight web application framework written in Python and based on the Werkzeug WSGI toolkit and Jinja2 template engine. It is BSD licensed....

    a microframework for Python
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