Fighter Ace
Fighter Ace was a massively multiplayer online
Online game
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 computer game in which one flies World War II
World War II
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 fighter and bomber planes in combat against other players and virtual pilots. It is a Ketsujin Studios game, and players must make an account with the website and connect to the servers to play the game.
A two-week free trial subscription is available.

Air Attack

The initial version of the game was called Air Attack, and is still played today.

Microsoft bought the rights to Air Attack in the United States and Canada and renamed it Fighter Ace for release on the Microsoft Internet Gaming Zone. The game was also licensed in other countries throughout the world including GCPro in Germany, Unitel in Korea and Wireplay in the UK.

The first version of Fighter Ace clearly borrowed heavily from Air Warrior and Warbirds but with less emphasis on being approachable to novice players. Different arenas with different levels of realism were available for more experienced players.

The first two versions of Fighter Ace were primarily developed at VR-1's St. Petersburg office (formerly BST soft). Game design was done in Toronto VR-'s Toronto office, but Microsoft's usability testing group also contributed.

In July 2008 Ketsujin Studios celebrated the 10th Anniversary of Fighter Ace by hosting many long-time players and several Make-A-Wish Foundation
Make-A-Wish Foundation
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 families at the Dayton Air Show.

One of the primary reasons that this 10 year old game is still played across the world is the community that exists around it. The players have organised themselves into Squadrons of typically 10-12 active pilots, and a myriad inter-squadron leagues and competitions exist, in addition to 1-off events such as historical reenactments.

Ketsujin studios have recently re-opened an AirAttack server. Unfortunately, as of August 1st 2010, Fighter Ace closed it's online servers, leaving this message:

"Dear Friends,
After over 13 years of operation Fighter Ace is officially off the air. We thank you for your support and patronage over the years, and we wish you all the very best. Check here for periodic news and updates regarding our future plans as we announce them.
Warm Regards,
Mark Vange and the Fighter Ace team."
Due to ongoing monetary loses, Ketsujin president Mark Vange announced that Fighter Ace will close its operations permanently on August 1, 2010. Existing Fighter Ace customers were encouraged to subscribe to WarBirds
WarBirds is a Massively Multiplayer Online and offline World War II simulation, published by iEntertainment Network. The game includes an air combat flight simulator as well as a simulator for tanks and other ground vehicles. WarBirds was originally developed in 1995 by Interactive Creations of...

, a competing MMOG combat flight simulator.
In 2011 the Ketsujin server reoppened and the game is available for free, for local playing and on line gaming. The adress is

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