Federation of Internet Solution Providers of the Americas
The Federation of Internet Solution Providers of the Americas (FISPA) is an association of Internet service provider
Internet service provider
An Internet service provider is a company that provides access to the Internet. Access ISPs directly connect customers to the Internet using copper wires, wireless or fiber-optic connections. Hosting ISPs lease server space for smaller businesses and host other people servers...


FISPA was established in 1996 under the name Florida Internet Solution Providers Association. After expanding beyond the bounds of Florida, the organization was renamed the Federation of Internet Solution Providers of the Americas. FISPA is made up of members dedicated to facilitating smoother online and networked operations. It is based in Matthews
Matthews, North Carolina
Matthews is a large suburban town of Charlotte located in southeastern Mecklenburg County, North Carolina. The population was 27,198 according to the 2010 Census.- Geography :Matthews is located at ....

, North Carolina
North Carolina
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, U.S.A.

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