Family Feud
Family Feud is an American television game show
Game show
A game show is a type of radio or television program in which members of the public, television personalities or celebrities, sometimes as part of a team, play a game which involves answering questions or solving puzzles usually for money and/or prizes...

 created by Mark Goodson
Mark Goodson
Mark Goodson was an American television producer who specialized in game shows.-Life and early career:...

 and Bill Todman
Bill Todman
William S. "Bill" Todman was an American television producer born in New York City. He produced many of television's longest running shows with business partner Mark Goodson.-Early life:...

. Two families compete against each other in a contest to name the most popular responses to a survey
Statistical survey
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 question posed to 100 people. The format, which originated in the United States, airs in numerous local formats worldwide
Family Feud around the world
The following article details examples of the game show Family Feud, originally aired in the United States on ABC and CBS and in syndication, elsewhere in the world.-International versions:-External links:* * on TeleFutura...


The original version premiered on ABC
American Broadcasting Company
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 and was hosted by Richard Dawson from 1976 until it was cancelled in 1985, by which point it had been popular on both the network and in syndication.