Fallujah (disambiguation)
Fallujah can refer to:-
  • Fallujah
    Fallujah is a city in the Iraqi province of Al Anbar, located roughly west of Baghdad on the Euphrates. Fallujah dates from Babylonian times and was host to important Jewish academies for many centuries....

    , a city in Iraq,
  • Fallujah (district)
    Fallujah (district)
    Fallujah is a district in Al Anbar Governorate, Iraq. It is centered around the city of Fallujah.-cities:*Fallujah *Saqulauiah*Amiriyah Fallujah*Al Karmah*Al Enaimih*Al Habanyah *Al Rahaliyah*Al Khaldiya*Al Zaidan...

    , in Iraq,
  • al-Faluja
    al-Faluja was an Arab village in the British Mandate of Palestine, located 30 kilometers northeast of Gaza City. The village and the neighbouring village of Iraq al-Manshiyya formed part of the Faluja pocket, where 4,000 Egyptian troops were besieged for four months by the newly established Israel...

    , a former Palestinian town now in Israel,
  • Fallujah, an Atmospheric Death Metal band

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  • Fallujah, The Hidden Massacre
    Fallujah, The Hidden Massacre
    -War crimes:The primary theme of the film is its assertion of a case for war crimes committed by the United States in its military offensive against Fallujah in Iraq...

  • Fallujah during the Iraq War, also called "US occupation of Fallujah"
  • First Battle of Fallujah (April 2004)
  • Second Battle of Fallujah (Nov-Dec 2004)
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