Eugen Roth
Eugen Roth was a German
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 lyricist and poet, he wrote mostly humorous verse.

Roth was the son of the well-known Munich writer Hermann Roth. He volunteered for service in the first world war
World War I
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 and was severely wounded. He studied history, art history, and philosophy earning in 1922 his doctorate degree. From 1927 to 1933 he was the editor of the M√ľnchner Neuesten Nachrichten (Newest Munich News). Especially beloved were his humorous poems, they are still considered current today.

Selected works

  • Ein Mensch (Humans) (1935)
  • Eugen Roths Tierleben (Eugen Roth's Animal life) (1948)
  • Heitere Kneipp-Fibel (Kneipp's Humorous Booklet) (1954)
  • Humorapotheke (Humor-pharmacy) (1956 - 1959)
  • Das Eugen-Roth-Buch (The Eugen Roth Book) (1966)
  • Der Wunderdoktor-Heitere Verse (The Miracle Doctor's Humorous Verses) (1939)

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