Etmopteridae is a family
Familia was the name of a Polish political party led by the Czartoryski magnates and families allied with them, and formed toward the end of the reign of King August II...

 of shark
Sharks are a type of fish with a full cartilaginous skeleton and a highly streamlined body. The earliest known sharks date from more than 420 million years ago....

s in the order Squaliformes
Squaliformes is an order of sharks that includes about 97 species in seven families.Members of the order have two dorsal fins, which usually possess spines, no anal fin or nictitating membrane, and five gill slits. In most other respects, however, they are quite variable in form and size...

, commonly known as lantern sharks. Their name comes from the presence of light-producing
Bioluminescence is the production and emission of light by a living organism. Its name is a hybrid word, originating from the Greek bios for "living" and the Latin lumen "light". Bioluminescence is a naturally occurring form of chemiluminescence where energy is released by a chemical reaction in...

A photophore is a light-emitting organ which appears as luminous spots on various marine animals, including fish and cephalopods. The organ can be simple, or as complex as the human eye; equipped with lenses, shutters, color filters and reflectors...

s on their bodies. The members of this family are small, under 90 cm (35.4 in) long, and are found in deep waters worldwide. There are 45 species in five genera. Three-quarters of the species are in the genus Etmopterus.


  • Aculeola
  • Centroscyllium
    Centroscyllium is a genus of big-eyed deepwater dogfishes with no anal fin, a grey or black-brown body, and dorsal spines, with the second one being much larger than the first. There are seven extant species.-Species:...

  • Etmopterus
    Etmopterus, commonly known as lantern sharks, is a diverse genus of dogfish sharks in the family Etmopteridae. This genus has 35 described species.-Species:* Etmopterus baxteri...

  • Miroscyllium
  • Trigonognathus
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