Estonian may refer to:
  • Something of, from, or related to Estonia
    Estonia , officially the Republic of Estonia , is a state in the Baltic region of Northern Europe. It is bordered to the north by the Gulf of Finland, to the west by the Baltic Sea, to the south by Latvia , and to the east by Lake Peipsi and the Russian Federation . Across the Baltic Sea lies...

    , a country in the Baltic region in northern Europe
  • Estonians
    Estonians are a Finnic people closely related to the Finns and inhabiting, primarily, the country of Estonia. They speak a Finnic language known as Estonian...

     – people from Estonia, or of Estonian descent
    • For more information about the Estonian people, see Demographics of Estonia
      Demographics of Estonia
      The demographics of Estonia in the twenty-first century are the result of historical trends over more than a thousand years, just as for most European countries, but have been disproportionately affected by events in the last half of the twentieth century...

       and Culture of Estonia
      Culture of Estonia
      Estonian culture combines an indigenous heritage, represented by the country's Uralic national language Estonian, with Nordic cultural aspects. Due to its history and geography, Estonia's culture has been influenced by the traditions of the adjacent area's various Finnic, Baltic, Slavic and...

    • For specific persons, see List of Estonians
  • The Estonian language
    Estonian language
    Estonian is the official language of Estonia, spoken by about 1.1 million people in Estonia and tens of thousands in various émigré communities...

    • See also Languages of Estonia
      Languages of Estonia
      The official language of Estonia is Estonian, a Uralic language closely related to Finnish but unrelated to nearby Russian or Latvian. Standard Estonian is mainly based on the North Estonian language, while South Estonian includes several unrecognised dialects, specifically Võro, Mulgi and Tartu...

  • Estonian cuisine
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