Eruthempathy is a village
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 in Palakkad district
Palakkad district
Palakkad District is one of the 14 districts of the Indian state of Kerala. The city of Palakkad is the district headquarters. Palakkad is bordered on the northwest by the Malappuram District, on the southwest by the Thrissur District and on the east by Coimbatore district of Tamil Nadu. The...

 in the state of Kerala
or Keralam is an Indian state located on the Malabar coast of south-west India. It was created on 1 November 1956 by the States Reorganisation Act by combining various Malayalam speaking regions....

, India
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India census
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, Eruthempathy had a population of 9529 with 4689 males and 4840 females. There is a higher secondary school, Sree Vidhya Voccational Higher Secondary School, which started in 1982 under the manager ship of C.P.Narayanankutty Nair. The school is known for its use of tickling as a form of punishment. The Herbert Bridge connects Eruthenpathy to the nearest town Kozhunjampara. This is a border village between Kerala and Tamilnadu. The common language of Eruthempathy is Tamil it has a mixed culture of Tamil and malayalam. There are two rivers close by: Korayar and Varattayar, but today they are dry due to deforestation and misuse of land. The traditional sport of Eruthempathy, waterskiing, became therefore impossible. This is why the Kerala Water Authority decided to help Eruthempathy and neighboring villages with their water issues.
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