Envoy may refer to:

  • an Envoy Extraordinary and Minister Plenipotentiary
    Envoy (title)
    In diplomacy, an Envoy Extraordinary and Minister Plenipotentiary is, under the terms of the Congress of Vienna of 1815, a diplomat of the second class, ranking between an Ambassador and a Minister Resident....

  • a Special Envoy
  • a diplomat
    Diplomacy is the art and practice of conducting negotiations between representatives of groups or states...

     in general
  • Envoy (car), the British Vauxhall
    Vauxhall Motors
    Vauxhall Motors is a British automotive company owned by General Motors and headquartered in Luton. It was founded in 1857 as a pump and marine engine manufacturer, began manufacturing cars in 1903 and was acquired by GM in 1925. It has been the second-largest selling car brand in the UK for...

     cars for Canadian market in 1960-'70
  • Envoy (WordPerfect)
    Envoy (WordPerfect)
    In computing, Envoy was a proprietary portable document file format marketed by WordPerfect Corporation, created as a competitor for Acrobat Pro. It was introduced by Tumbleweed Communications Corporation in 1993 and shipped with WordPerfect Office in March 1994.An Envoy file could be created by...

    , a document reader and document file format
  • GMC Envoy
    GMC Envoy
    The GMC Envoy is an SUV from the GMC marque of General Motors. It was introduced as a high-end version of the Jimmy for the 1998 model year, the same year the Jimmy was restyled...

    , a make of automobile
  • Envoy, A Review of Literature and Art
    Envoy, A Review of Literature and Art
    December 1949- July 1951. Dublin, Ireland. Editor & Founder: John RyanDuring its brief existence, Envoy, A Review of Literature and Art, published the work of a broad range of writers, Irish and others. The first to publish J. P...

  • The Envoy
    The Envoy
    The Envoy is an album by American singer/songwriter Warren Zevon, released in 1982 by Asylum . It is considered to be the least well-known of his major-label studio recordings because it was not released on compact disc until 2006...

    , a 1982 album by Warren Zevon
  • Envoy, the call sign for United Kingdom airline Flyjet
    Flyjet was a charter airline based at London Luton Airport, United Kingdom. It was a subsidiary of Silverjet, which is licensed for worldwide charter operations...

  • Airspeed Envoy
    Airspeed Envoy
    The Airspeed AS.6 Envoy was a British light, twin-engined transport aircraft designed and built by Airspeed Ltd. in the 1930s at Portsmouth Aerodrome, Hampshire.-Development and design:...

    , a 1930s British light transport aircraft
  • Envoy Summer Shoes, shoes designed for the Australian Summer.
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