End-to-end or End to End may refer to:
  • Land's End to John o'Groats, the journey from "End to End" across Great Britain
  • End-to-end auditable voting systems
    End-to-end auditable voting systems
    End-to-end auditable or end-to-end voter verifiable systems are voting systems with stringent integrity properties and strong tamper-resistance. E2E systems often employ cryptographic methods to craft receipts that allow voters to verify that their votes were not modified, without revealing which...

    , a voting system
  • End-to-end principle
    End-to-end principle
    The end-to-end principle is a classic design principle of computer networking which states that application specific functions ought to reside in the end hosts of a network rather than in intermediary nodes, provided they can be implemented "completely and correctly" in the end hosts...

    , a principal design element of the Internet
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