Dunwich Dynamo
The Dunwich Dynamo is an annual semi-organised, through-the-night bicycle
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Challenge riding
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 from London Fields
London Fields
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 park in Hackney
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, London
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 to Dunwich
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 on the Suffolk
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 coast. The distance is approximately 120 miles (193 kilometres).

The ride (usually abbreviated to "Dun Run" or "DD") takes place overnight, hence "Dynamo". It is scheduled to take place on the Saturday night closest to the full moon in July, partly for tradition but also because it is easier to ride by moonlight. The date for DD20 is 30 June /1 July 2012.

Following the popularity of the Dunwich Dynamo, overnight rides based upon it are being organised in other parts of the country, one of the most popular being the Exmouth Exodus which runs from Clifton Suspension Bridge
Clifton Suspension Bridge
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 in Bristol to Exmouth seafront.


The ride originated in June 1993, when a group of bicycle messenger
Bicycle messenger
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s left London for a fun ride to the coast on fixed-wheel bikes, inviting members of the public to participate. The event was supported by a cycle shop, Mosquito Bikes of Essex Road, providing mechanical support and "controls" where riders had to check in to ensure no short-cuts. This arrangement continued for three further years. During this period the ride started from the Eastway cycle circuit rather than London Fields as at present.

Since then the ride has continued on an unsupported 'turn up and go' basis. The route was planned by the London School Of Cycling and organisation including the transport back from Dunwich at the end of the ride is arranged by Southwark Cyclists; for many years this was led by Barry Mason
Barry Mason (cyclist)
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The 2006 ride had 700 participants but was marred by the death of a 38 year old participant, Andrew Rawling, in a head-on collision with a Ford Transit
Ford Transit
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 van in North Weald Bassett
North Weald Bassett
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. The organisers suggested that the 2007 ride could take the form of a memorial event, but Rawling's family requested that it continue as normal without any dedication, as they did not wish the ride he enjoyed to become a campaign or protest. The number of participants has increased every year, to an estimated 1,000 riders in 2009.

2009 was the first year that the ride was attempted—and completed—on a penny farthing. In 2011, a rider completed the event on a "Boris bike" hired in central London.

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