Drumcondra is the name of several places:
  • Drumcondra, Dublin
    Drumcondra, Dublin
    Drumcondra is a residential area and inner suburb on the Northside of Dublin, Ireland. It is administered by Dublin City Council.The River Tolka and the Royal Canal flow through the area.-History:...

    , Ireland, a residential area on the Northside of Dublin.
    • Drumcondra railway station
      Drumcondra railway station
      Drumcondra is a railway station serving Drumcondra, Dublin, Ireland. It is elevated with just the entrance on the main Drumcondra road.The station initially opened on 1 April 1901 but closed on 1 December 1910 with the termination of Kingsbridge to Amiens Street services. Part of the original...

    • Drumcondra F.C., former football club
  • Drumcondra, Meath, Ireland, a village in County Meath, alternatively known as Drumconrath
    Drumconrath or Drumcondra is a small historic village situated in north County Meath, Ireland. It is twinned with the village of Saltmills, County Wexford. The strong bond between the two villages was forged in the 1950s when engineers from Drumconrath helped to rebuild the historic bridge in...

  • Drumcondra, Victoria
    Drumcondra, Victoria
    Drumcondra is a wealthy residential bayside suburb of Geelong, Victoria, Australia, overlooking Corio Bay. It is the smallest suburb in Geelong and one of the smallest in Victoria....

    , Australia, a residential suburb of Geelong, overlooking Corio Bay.
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