Draconian is an adjective meaning great severity, that derives from Draco, an Athenian law scribe under whom small offences had heavy punishments (Draconian laws).

Draconian may also refer to:
  • Draconian (band)
    Draconian (band)
    -External links:* at Napalm Records...

    , a Death/doom metal band from Sweden
  • Draconian (Doctor Who)
    Draconian (Doctor Who)
    The Draconians are a fictional extraterrestrial race from the British science fiction television series Doctor Who. Their only television appearance to date was in the 1973 serial Frontier in Space. Unlike many "monster" races in Doctor Who, the Draconians were articulate and portrayed as having a...

    , an extraterrestrial race from the Doctor Who television series
  • Draconian (Dragonlance), a fictional species in the Dragonlance setting
  • Draconian, a race from Age of Wonders: Shadow Magic
  • Draconian Empire, a Humanoid Race in the Buck Rogers in the 25th Century TV series
    Buck Rogers in the 25th Century (TV series)
    Buck Rogers in the 25th Century is an American science fiction adventure television series produced by Universal Studios. The series ran for two seasons between 1979–1981, and the feature-length pilot episode for the series was released as a theatrical film several months before the series aired....

  • The Draconian, school magazine of the Dragon School in Oxford, England
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