Doug Beason
Doug Beason is an American
United States
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 scientist and science fiction
Science fiction
Science fiction is a genre of fiction dealing with imaginary but more or less plausible content such as future settings, futuristic science and technology, space travel, aliens, and paranormal abilities...


He graduated from the United States Air Force Academy
United States Air Force Academy
The United States Air Force Academy is an accredited college for the undergraduate education of officer candidates for the United States Air Force. Its campus is located immediately north of Colorado Springs in El Paso County, Colorado, United States...

 in 1977 with a dual major in physics and math. He started his first novel while at the Academy after returning there as an officer in the 1980s to teach physics. He is a retired Air Force
Air force
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 with a PhD
PHD may refer to:*Ph.D., a doctorate of philosophy*Ph.D. , a 1980s British group*PHD finger, a protein sequence*PHD Mountain Software, an outdoor clothing and equipment company*PhD Docbook renderer, an XML renderer...

 in physics
Physics is a natural science that involves the study of matter and its motion through spacetime, along with related concepts such as energy and force. More broadly, it is the general analysis of nature, conducted in order to understand how the universe behaves.Physics is one of the oldest academic...

. He is also a Fellow of the American Physical Society
American Physical Society
The American Physical Society is the world's second largest organization of physicists, behind the Deutsche Physikalische Gesellschaft. The Society publishes more than a dozen scientific journals, including the world renowned Physical Review and Physical Review Letters, and organizes more than 20...

 and has published two non-fiction books. His book "Science and Technology Policy for the post-Cold War: A Case for Long-Term Research", was awarded the National Defense University
National Defense University
The National Defense University is an institution of higher education funded by the United States Department of Defense, intended to facilitate high-level training, education, and the development of national security strategy. It is chartered by the Joint Chiefs of Staff, with Navy Vice Admiral...

 President's Strategic Vision award. He also worked on a few books, (e.g. Lifeline, The Trinity Paradox, and Nanospace) with Kevin J. Anderson
Kevin J. Anderson
Kevin J. Anderson is an American science fiction author with over forty bestsellers. He has written spin-off novels for Star Wars, StarCraft, Titan A.E., and The X-Files, and with Brian Herbert is the co-author of the Dune prequels...

. He is currently Associate Laboratory Director for Threat Reduction at the Los Alamos National Laboratory
Los Alamos National Laboratory
Los Alamos National Laboratory is a United States Department of Energy national laboratory, managed and operated by Los Alamos National Security , located in Los Alamos, New Mexico...


Science-fiction novels

  • Return to Honor (1989)
  • Assault on Alpha Base (1990)
  • Strike Eagle (1991)
  • Wild Blue U (2005)

Non-fiction books

  • Science and Technology Policy for the post-Cold War: A Case for Long-Term Research
  • The E-Bomb: How America's new directed energy weapons will change the way future wars will be fought (2005)

Short works

  • Lifeguard (1987) in New Destinies : Volume I
  • Rescue at L-5 (1990) in Project Solar Sail
  • Defense Conversion (1995) in How to Save the World

Co-authored with Kevin J. Anderson

  • Lifeline (1990)
  • The Trinity Paradox
    The Trinity Paradox
    The Trinity Paradox is a time travel novel by Kevin J. Anderson and Doug Beason, exploring the premise of an anti-nuclear activist from 1990s being transported back in time to the Manhattan Project, giving her the potential to sabotage the project in an attempt to altogether prevent the development...

  • Assemblers of Infinity
    Assemblers of Infinity
    Assemblers of Infinity, is a science-fiction novel by Kevin J. Anderson and Doug Beason-Plot summary:It is the 21st century. Earth's space program is thriving, with a colony in place on the Moon. And then an incredible discovery is made on the lunar farside...

  • Ill Wind (1995)
  • Ignition (1997)

Craig Kreident Series:
  • Virtual Destruction (1996)
  • Fallout (1997)
  • Lethal Exposure (1998)

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